Project Detroit: OBD-II Manager

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A library to parse OBD-II data coming from a vehicle using an ELM323/327 compatible OBD to USB/serial cable. The solution also includes the WPF Instrument Cluster application that was used in the Project Detroit car!



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PriiDash(TM) is an enhanced instrument panel and data logger for the Prius and more. Display and record real time data on your car PC via an ELM327 compatible OBD-USB device.

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This project is a joint project with Initiative Science and The Detroit Java User Group.

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obdnet is a Complete Module for Communicating with a ECM through a ELM 32x device in

Pyob2read - OBD II device communication tool

This is an open source python based application that could be used in linux to read OBD II codes and sensors. It is based on original code from and modified to work on linux with a usb device from

Obd-twoner - OBD Libraries for communication with a car

THIS PROJECT NEEDS A NEW DEVELOPER!!!! Contact me if you are interested! Anyone may apply. After 7326 lines of code, I've decided to give this project to the world. I do not have time to maintain it. obd2ner is designed to accept obd codes and output cooked values. It also has the ability to check every code for response on a car. All of the classes were written in eclipse, with the exception of the GUI which was written in NetBeans. Blue-tooth operation requires a bash driver which works under

Csharp-obd-ii-reader - OBD II Reader to check your car

U know the prob, your engine runs not normal, but you dont want to go to the workshop cuz they want over $9000 to check your car. here is the solution, the open source error checker, all u need is an OBDII cable with the ELM-327 Chipset ($15 on ebay). NOTE: theres no uploaded code at the moment, first upload will be done when the program reaches alpha status

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