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This tool is for tracking down unresolvable DNs on directory objects when you have an Exchange server where Offline Address List generation (oabgen) is failing with event 9339 and error code 8004010e.




Related Projects

MPXJ: Microsoft Project Exchange

MPXJ is an open source file handling library for Java and .Net to read and write Microsoft Project MPX and MSPDI XML files, Planner files, Primavera XER files and databases, and MPP, MPT, and MPD files for Project 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Pymsexch - python library that allows to manage Microsoft Exchange

Library provides management access to Microsoft Exchange. Supported Exchange versions 2003, 2007, 2010. Supported python version 3.x Library uses PowerShell, WMI, CDO/CDOEXM, MAPI, ADSI and wrap their stuff to python. It have to be used on the Exchange Server machine. Requires PyWin32 example of use from common.exchange import Serversrv = Server()store = srv.get_store('First Storage Group')for item in sg.get_mailbox_databases(): if not item.is_mounted(): item.mount()mdb = store.get_mailbox_datab


Transfers email from an exchange 2000/2003 account to local file, smtp address, or procmail. Written in Java, this uses OWA protocol and can be run periodically on a server with no user input. Useful for Exchange servers which don't enable forwarding.

Nginn-exchange - Exchange Web Services integration interface based on NGinn MessageBus

MS Exchange integration service based on Exchange Web Services (EWS API) and asynchronous communication using nginn-messagebus queues. Features: creation and updating of exchange items (messages, tasks and calendar entries) change tracking using push and pull subscriptions. Detects changes in specified items or folders and automatically manages notification subscriptions with Exchange. receiving of incoming email messages uses message bus approach for robust asynchronous communication can monito

Pyivo - command line tool for fetching Microsoft Exchange data through MAPI

PYivoyivo_run.[exe|py] - command line tool that is used for dumping all MS Exchange properties data in csv through MAPI. mapi_calcmapi_calc.[exe|py]calculates simple statistics for exchange. In use for backup software testing: toolkit allows to detect how exchange internal structure/properties are changed after backup/restore and etc. May be used as an example how to work with mapi via python. Dependencies:PyWin32 SpamBayes PyYaml CharDet Operating systemTested with w2k3 x32, w2k8 x64 Exchange v

Experfwiz (Exchange Performance Data Collection tool)

ExPerfWiz is a powershell based script to help automate the collection of performance data on Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 servers

FixMailboxSD - Exchange Mailbox Security Descriptor Canonicalizer

This is a small utility to fix mailbox security descriptors in Microsoft Exchange that have become non-canonical. It must be run on a machine with Exchange System Manager for Exchange 2003 installed, but it will work against mailboxes on 2003 or 2007 (not 2010).

Exchange-calendar-rss - An example PHP app that generates an RSS feed from a user's Exchange 200

An examples of how to use PHP and the Exchange Web Services (EWS) interface to generate an RSS feed from a user's calendar similar to what can be done with Google Calendar. Mainly for my own edification but can be used as a full working examples of using PHP and EWS together since I haven't been able to find any others. This code can use the NTLMSoapClient Class by Thomas Rabaix. ( http://rabaix.net/en/articles/2008/03/13/using-soap-php-with-ntlm-authentication ) It also uses the PHP Universal F

Php-ews - PHP Exchange Web Services

This library makes Microsoft Exchange 2007 Web Services easier to implement in PHP. This library requires PHP 5.2+ with the SOAP and cURL extensions installed. This library makes use of the NTLMSoapClient Class by Thomas Rabaix. Moving to githubI am working on moving this project to github. Currently the code has been moved as have all issues and the wiki. All issues on Google Code have been closed and no further activity will be monitored. A link has been added to each comment so that you may t