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Nyx is a free, open-source game development tool aimed at making the creation and edition of levels or maps easy and enjoyable. Nyx exports level data as JSON, XML, or binary making it malleable to your own projects, engines, and needs.




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A set of efficient categories for UIImage class. It allows filtering, resizing, masking, rotating, enhancing... and more.

Nyxbot - A Battle.net bot written in C#.

NyxBot is a bot for Battle.net and other related protocols that supports chatting and moderation functions.

Nyx-blog-cms - A Raw and Basic Blog and CMS

A basic 'scaffold' for a blog and CMS. Currently under heavy development by myself.Use is not currently advisable.


Unofficial nyx.cz community client for Windows Phone 7.

Whatthefuck - Um. What?

(12:02:04 AM) Nyx-: How are you spiritually? (12:02:11 AM) Laurabelle: ... um... (12:02:16 AM) Laurabelle: Open. (12:02:22 AM) Laurabelle: I don't know what's true. (12:02:46 AM) Nyx-: Mmm (12:03:05 AM) Laurabelle: I mean, maybe it would be nice to just have something to believe in, but... (12:03:07 AM) Nyx-: Could i perhaps ask you to check out some hindu stuff? (12:03:12 AM) Laurabelle: Mmk. (12:03:18 AM) Nyx-: watch some videos etc, Not saying go watch it or anything (12:03:21 AM) Nyx-: err (

Pancakeswarrussiafluffybunnymittens - the pancakes will war with russia unless the fluffy bunny mitt

In the beginning there was Khaos. From Khaos rose Gaia, Tartaros and the life bringer Eros. Protected by Hemera while bathed in the healing power of Aither. Prosperous and safe Eros began. And the arival of Nyx accompanied by the mighty Erebus. A new reign the work of Eros destroyed Mauled and altered The first creation of Eros succumbed to Erebus a new form began. Feared and loathed by Gaia untouched by Tartaros shielded by the Nyx What was not, is now and begins its journey - Origins of The Pa

Di0pack - Repositório com bibliotecas utilizadas por mim.

Repositório com bibliotecas utilizadas por mim.

Nyxcite - A forum based on the Django web framework.

Nyxcite (nyx-cite) is a lightweight, moderately featured discussion forum software based on the Django framework. It is named for the private gaming server it was originally created for. The forum is loosely based off of other Django forum projects (namely beastly and django-forum), but also includes thread watching and notification, bbCode support and straps onto the Django users system. Right now, the best way to get your hands on this is to grab the latest revision from Subversion: svn checko

Mythos - Mythos is a GUI library written in C++ using modern C++ techniques

Mythos is a GUI library written in C++ using modern C++ techniques. While it is functional, it is for the most part a proof of concept for several ideas I had w/ regard to GUI libraries. Mythos is divided into four sub-libraries: khaos - khaos handles platform/window system abstraction. It provides a simple, generic API to create/manipulate windows, create/use fonts, and define a program's entry point. It also contains some font rendering code, though this should really be part of an extension t

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