Neverwinter Nights 2DA/TLK Editor

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An advanced visual editor for 2DA and TLK files with game resources for Neverwinter Nights.



Related Projects

NWN Java3d utilities

Main task of this project is to provide java3d scene loader for Bioware Neverwinter Nights(c) game models. It also covers some utilities built on top of it - animation preview, model optimalization and convertion, skinning preview etc.

Nwn2-java-library - A library for accessing Neverwinter Nights 2 game data

This is a project to create a library that can be used to read data from the Neverwinter Nights 2 game resources. Files such as the TLK string files, 2da Database files and the XML GUI files. FeaturesCan parse and read the strings from TLK files. Can parse and read the database files 2DA. Can parse the XML GUI files and produce a object tree of it's GUI components. Status23 February 2010Released version 0.1 Beta 1 today. This is still a working in progress, but hopefully will enable greater bug

Adventure-author - A set of plugins for the Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset that make it more usable by

A set of plugins for the Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset that make it more usable by children aged 10-14, collectively referred to as Adventure Author. This project is in development at Heriot-Watt University from a grant by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

NWN2: Yet Another Terrain Tool

Yet Another Terrain Tool (YATT) is a plugin for the Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2) Toolset allowing importing of terrain information (including heightmaps, colourmaps, texturemaps, etc) directly into the toolset.

NWN Tools

Java-based tools for Neverwinter Nights module developers. These utilities allow more typical development practices to be applied to module development.

Nwn2-hokeys-plugin - A plugin to add hotkeys to the Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset

If you want to participate to the development of this plugin, contact me by e-mail (see my profile on the vault, or guess my e-mail adress ;o). Reminders : 1) I'm a beginner at programming, so be prepared to encounter some frightening code. 2) I'm a beginner at making SVN projects and managing such collaborative projects. 3) I'm not perfectly at ease with English speaking, I might write strange sentences. :o) Ovocean


MNXJ is providing a Java API for the BioWare game NWN, Neverwinter Nights, by taking advantage of the MNX module in APS NWNX2.

nwStory: Tools for the Story Writer

nwStory is a pair of utilities to aid Neverwinter Nights adventurers in writing tales of their online exploits by making use of the NWN chat log.

Lorren - NWN2 module

a module for neverwinter nights 2 by richard ericksen.