NV2 - a managed farbrausch decoder

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This library will support playback of v2m files.




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Tweetidcoder - Shrink/Enlarge Tweet IDs

PHP class to shrink(encode) / enlarge(decode) a Twitter Tweet ID. It was developed to help with "threading" tweets. Possible usuage: Shrink a tweet ID for created threaded tweets. I.E. You want to reply to a tweet that has ID 2431418762, you would encode it: $a = $tw->encodeTweetID(2431418762); Then you would post a tweet that encapsulate the value in $a with ^'s, so it would look like this: ^2ã+nv~æUGreat idea, you rock!^ Decoding: $a = $tw->decodeTweetID(2ã+nv~æU); The value of $a would be

Cassandra-sharp - .NET client for Apache Cassandra

cassandra-sharp is a .NET client for Apache Cassandra. It features connection strategies to adapt to cluster topology and client constraints. Overall, cassandra-sharp aims at simplicity and robustness in a small library compatible with .NET 3.5 and 4.0. Please check DeclarativeConfiguration for more information on the configuration in app.config. Also, check ClusterOperations for more information on what is supported on the ICluster interface and how to extend it. Getting startedEither use NuGet

Nvframe - small framework on top of slick2d

NvFrame is a framework on top of Slick2D (a 2d java game engine) to make powerful topdown games in java. Key-features: runs on top of the powerful Slick2D Java Game Engine highly extendable and configurable component based game design camera with plug-in interface for effects uses Events for communication between managers - entities - components - game logic (Observer - Observable pattern) uses property pattern to realize transient properties (health, armor, ...-resistance, ...) Functionality: c

Miniajax - Mini Ajax is a Lightweight Javascript AJAX library

HOW TO USE:ajax.x - The XMLHttpRequest object (or MS equivalent) used for communicationajax.serialize(f)f = the form element you wish to be serializedThis function serializes all the fields in a form so that they can be passed as a query string in the form 'arg1=val1&arg2=val2'.ajax.get(url, func)url = the url to query (can contain arguments after a '?')func = the function to call once the response is returnedThis function uses a GET request to query the specified url and return a response to th

Skbot-client - SKBot - the open source modified game client

SKBot is an immensely popular and successful bot for a Java MMORPG. The program source code is completely open and free - whether you're a Java expert or just keen to explore, the bot is a valuable learning resource. Legal note: the entire source code is freely available under the GPLv3 terms. Contrary to bogus and automated DMCA claims, no content is under the copyright of Jagex Ltd. The code is provided purely for educational purposes by the authors as freedom of expression. Terms and Conditio

Cdmaworkshoptool - A utility that parses cdma worksop items: NV Item reads(to remove plain text) and

cdmaDevTerm - Beta v.2 new mar 08 This is a beta released under the GPL v3 download v2 adds: Data flashing is scripted by carrier.xml and model.xml Samsung 16 digit passwords may be customized by the user in a .txt file (cdmaworkshop compatible) Check for update tab read and write: SPC (NV,LG,SAMSUNG,HTC,METRO PCS) MDN / MIN NV ITEMS^ EVDO DATA FOR CDMA DEVICES write: PRL read: RAM (and search for spc) ^cdmaDevTerm can read the full range of NvItems but I believe there are issues if you try to r

Buddata-ebxml-registry - Buddata ebXML Registry - Repository

Project descriptionBuddata ebXML Registry/Repository (or "Buddata ebRR", in short) is an open source implementation of the OASIS ebXML Registry and OGC Catalogue Service. This project is initiated by kZen Labs - the R&D division of 4C Technologies N.V., a Belgian IT company - and funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). Current Version: 2.3.0

Sugarcrmp0902m - Project about SugarCRM

1. Translating content of SugarCRM CE into Vietnamese. 2. Build some module on SugarCRM. Group: GiapND, ToanLK, LongNH Leader: NgocNV