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NUnit4PowerShell has been done to test PowerShell scripts with the NUnit framework. Fixtures are written in PowerShell and this dll will read and execute them. The goal is to automatically execute unit tests, for instance with a Hudson job, and look for scripts regressions.



Related Projects


Visual Nunit is NUnit integration for Visual Studio 2008. Provides convenient view to test cases and enables debugging tests easily inside development environment. Implemented as Visual Studio Integration.


A project that allow the execution of Unit Testing against a database (Relational or Multidimensional). It uses NUnit as unit-testing framework and does not require DBA or BI Developer to know anything about .NET: just write your SQL or MDX queries and test them

Tdd unit test bar for Windows Phone development

a simple application which launches NUnit-Console on your Windows Phone unit tests every time you build, using a SilverLight version of NUnit. The output is then colored for better readability: Green bar if success, Red bar if failure.


Write maintainable unit tests, faster. AutoFixture makes it easier for developers to do Test-Driven Development by automating non-relevant Test Fixture Setup, allowing the Test Developer to focus on the essentials of each test case.

checkip - Displays the IP address of the current visitor

Click on "Test Cases" under "App" to the relevant tests. Then click on "controllers / VisitorsController" to run the tests for this application.Due to the relatively simple nature of this application, only unit tests are included.As the application grows in complexity, integration testing using [Selenium](, [Watir](, and [Rack::Test]( will probably be added. However, integration tests are slow by nature due to the over


NUnit or navigator unit is a unit testing application to test web apps on firefox, chrome, IE6 & IE7 on linux

bn-unit - JavaScript unit test framework (much like JUnit || NUnit) for browsers and node.js

JavaScript unit test framework (much like JUnit || NUnit) for browsers and node.js

FORTRAN Unit Test Framework (FRUIT)

FORTRAN Unit Test Framework FRUIT - TDD in FORTRAN

Fluent Assertions

Fluent interface for writing .NET unit test assertions with more clarity than the traditional assertion syntax such as offered by MSTest, NUnit or XUnit.

unittestingexamples - Unit testing in .NET (NUnit, xUnit, mocking frameworks, AutoFixture, etc)

Unit testing in .NET (NUnit, xUnit, mocking frameworks, AutoFixture, etc)

unittesting101 - A guided walkthrough of unit testing in C# with nUnit

A guided walkthrough of unit testing in C# with nUnit


NXUnit is a NUnit-style unit testing framework about XML for .NET Framework. It is an extension to NUnit. It brings you the ability to do unit testing easily in XML applications.

NUnit .Net unit testing framework

NUnit brings xUnit-style unit-testing to all .Net languages. Although we no longer host our development on Sourceforge, our latest releases are always available here, as well as at our current development site at Please report bugs at You can browse or download the current source code at


Just like Python-Nose test discovery tool for .NET: Automating unit test run in a specific directory using simple command line tool.

Web Services Test Automation Guidance using VS 2010 - Unit Test & Web Test

Project suggests web services test automation guidance and provides reusable libraries using Unit Test/ Web Test in VS 2010. Key deliverable consists of reusable libraries for Unit Test and Custom Add-ins for Web Test that can be reused to reduce automation development effort.

CUnit - A Unit Testing Framework for C

CUnit is a lightweight system for writing, administering, and running unit tests in C. It provides C programmers a basic testing functionality with a flexible variety of user interfaces. CUnit is built as a static library which is linked with the user's testing code. It uses a simple framework for building test structures, and provides a rich set of assertions for testing common data types.

PSUnit - Unit testing framework for Windows PowerShell

Unit testing framework for Windows PowerShell

NUnit 4 Phone

The main purpose of this project is to allow Test Driven Development on the Windows Phone platform by using the NUnit framework.

XML Unit

XMLUnit extends JUnit and NUnit to enable unit testing of XML. It compares a control XML document to a test document or the result of a transformation, validates documents, and compares the results of XPath expressions. The Java version is currently way more mature than the .NET version.