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An NumericUpDown control that demonstrates a clean and clear way to implement this common control: 1. It uses an attached behavior to do regex input validation 2. It supports decimal places and 1000 number groups 3. It supports keyboard keys: Up/Down/Ctrl-Up/Ctrl-Down for s...



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NumericUpDown Control for WPF

A basic NumericUpDown Control for WPF that mirrors all the most used functions of the WinForms NumericUpDown Control and looks similar to it


Contains a set of handy .NET components/classes. Currently it contains: * A Numeric Text Box (an Extended NumericUpDown) * A Splash Screen base form I hope to be distributing all source code in both VB.NET and C#.

MobSoul WPhone Toolkit

Controls: - (NEW) AnimatedTile - RepeatButton - NumericUpDown - GoToMarketPlaceControl Classes: - SaveLoadJPEGService.cs

Platinum-propertygrid - A flexible property grid control like System.Windows.Forms.PropertyGrid

Platinum.PropertyGridThe Platinum.PropertyGrid control is aimed at providing a more flexible generic object editor than System.Windows.Forms.PropertyGrid. Like with the standard PropertyGrid users can implement their own PropertyEditors. Why Yet Another PropertyGridThe main reasons for developing this control instead of just using the standard PropertyGrid where the need for real-time feedback in PropertyEditors no direct property manipulation through PropertyEditors complete control over the Pr

Cmis398a-project1-calculator - Calculator for CMIS398A

A simple calculator with some extra 'features' thrown in to meet the requirements for project 1: Include at least one instance of each of the following controls: Button, TextBox, Label, GroupBox, Panel, CheckBox, RadioButton, ToolTips, NumericUpDown. For each control, create at least two event handlers. At least two of the event handlers you need to use an if-else-if-else statement. At least two of the event handlers you need to use a switch statement. At least one of the event handlers you need