numbers spiral

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Spiral numeric matrix builder console application.



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SpiralClock is a UserControl developed in WPF that allows you to arrange events on a 24h spiral clock. It can be templated.

Hexoprime - Ulam spiral on an hexagonal grid

This is a Java implementation of plotting Ulam spiral on am hexagonal grid. Excerpt from Wikipedia article: The Ulam spiral ... is a simple method of visualizing the prime numbers that reveals the apparent tendency of certain quadratic polynomials to generate unusually large numbers of primes. A classic Ulam Spiral is constructed by marking only prime numbers on a quadratic grid.

Circle Dock

A circular, oval, and spiral dock for Windows implemented in .Net using C#. It is based on the idea of pie menus but in a dock form. Official Hompage:

Digitalpa - Digital Personal Assistant- A virtual suite of softwares that replace conventional Perso

A research Experimental Project to create a suite of applications that can replace a conventional PA. The suite will be controlled by a centralised agent. The Agent is planned to be developed in Java. A Spiral Model Of engineering is planned to be implemented for this task.

Stableorbit - A distributed Solar System generator and 3d gravity simulator

TODO NEXT: Shooting Picking Station Model Wireframe GUI Elements abels and menus ath tracking ode selection rientation elements octree New Features inelastic collisions dynamic lighting glow shader better scales for planets and ships collision detection tilt z axis with w and r full python console! toggle with ` Two armed Spiral Galaxy generation multi planet systems a spaceship with first person control the ability to launch meteors from the ship zoom in and out with the mouse wheel accelerate

Oje2d - 2D OpenGL Java Engine

A 2D game engine, based on the Lightweight Java OpenGL framework ( Features: Event based communication with (your) main game; Bitmap fonts; Flying text; Timed text; Keyboard and mouse input; Image under mouse detection; Text console (a la Quake ;)); Graphical User Interface (GUI) engine: Windows (docked and undocked); Buttons; Labels; Textboxes; Progress bars; Particle systems: Explosion; Ring; Snow (and rain); Spiral ring; And more stuff I have also started moving a 2d tiles fram

Shapes3d4processing - 3D Shape library for Processing

This library provides a number of 3D shapes that can be used in both P3D and OPENGL modes. The library only uses Processing methods to access OpenGL commands so should be compatible with future releases of Processing. Shapes available include: Ellipsoid (a sphere that can be stretched in all 3 axis) Toroid (a circular doughnut that can have an elliptical cross-section) Helix (similar to the toroid with extra feature of user defined number of spirals) Cone (can be squashed to have elliptical open

Android-spiral-wallpaper - An animated spiral wallpaper for Android

Check out this blog post for the mathematical details. Here is a screenshot of the utility I created to explore the spiral paramaters:

Spiral-carousel-gwt - Spiral Carousel

This is a spiral photo carousel written with GWT 1.6. See live demo here.

Spiralwebsite3 - spiral website 3rd

3rd incarceration of the spiral production website