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NTU Open Course Ware Prototype Pre-Alpha 0.0.1NTU (National Taiwan University) Open Course Ware is an adaptation of the famous MIT OCW web site which provides access to various types of lectures (computer science, physics, mathematics, management, etc.) over the internet for free. Videos can be downloaded for some lectures, others only provide textbook and homework assignments. Our goal is to provide a short video lecture for each lecture, including the available additional materials such as powerpoint presentations, homework assignments and the syllabus. Video TrailerNote: The web site is OFTEN not reachable (the TAs are restarting the common servers quite often) http://linux11.csie.ntu.edu.tw:8888/trailer NTUOCW Google Groupshttp://groups.google.com/group/ntuocw?hl=en Alpha 0.0.1 ReleaseExamples: Systems Programming Course http://linux11.csie.ntu.edu.tw:8888/viewCourse/2/ OOSD http://linux11.csie.ntu.edu.tw:8888/viewCourse/1/ Final Presentationhttp://www.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~b96123/ntuocw/final_delivery/Presentation-NTU%20OpenCourseWare-FinalPresentation-v1.pptx




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eduCommons is an OpenCourseWare management system designed specifically to support OpenCourseWare projects like MIT OCW (http://ocw.mit.edu/) and USU OCW (http://ocw.usu.edu/).

Sicp-mit-opencourseware - Code written for Projects and Exams for the MIT OpenCourseWare course Stru


Softserve-kvt-team2 - Group 2 (SevNTU-KVT) team`s 2 public repo. Task#2: "The travel shop.&quot

This is the SevNTU junior C#/ASP.NET developers repo. It`s dedicated to working out the summer practice for SevNTU students in Softserve© company. See project "readme" file for more information and additional instructions.

Recommenderd - OER Recommender Daemon

Java daemon used by the OER Recommender to recommend related resources from the NSDL and OpenCourseWares. Uses a standard document term vector approach to clustering documents. Developed at the Center for Open Sustainable Learning (http://cosl.usu.edu) at Utah State University. Uses databases created by the Folksemantic Harvester.

Lucene-web-search-and-trec-wt10g - IR 2009 Term Project - Modern Web Search (TREC WT10g)

IR 2009 Term Project, CSIE, NTU, Taiwan.Please see the URL below for detail.http://www.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~d96028/ir2009/index.html

Affective-text-classification - NLP 2008 Term Project - Affective Text Classification

NLP 2008 Term Project, CSIE, NTU, Taiwan.Please see the URL below for detail.http://www.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~d96028/nlp2008/index.html

Ocwdroid - OpenCourseWare reader for Android, eventually

Learn stuff good using gizmo. At some point. When I get round to it. At the moment, this doesn't do anything.

Ocwpad - OCW iPad App

This iPad App is for browsing OCW materials and provides a unique concept search based method for browsing open educational content. It also pushes usage data to our servers to create a UI that adapts based off collective input from the user base.