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NSN Groups ePetitions

NSN Groups ePetitions is an eActivism software. By installing this addon on a PHPNuke server, WebMasters can publish ePetitions. Users can also submit their ePetitions amp; manage them themself. A significant number of options makes it flexible.

Grab2run - A tiny cross platform program to grab screen text and run pre-configured action

In NokiaSiemensNetworks, we have a bug tracing server named Web-Pronto. Many employees do below action repeatly - copy Pronto IDs in outlook or somewhere else and open it in web browser. This action takes 4 steps at least: 1. double click the PR text; 2. Ctrl+C copy it; 3. Ctrl+V paste it to browser search engine; 4. Hit "Enter" to open the page. This small project is created for automating this to improve productivity.

Plm-mode - Emacs PL/M mode

Syntax highlight for PL/M programming languageInstallationadd lines in .emacs (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/site-lisp/plm-mode.el") (load-file "~/.emacs.d/site-lisp/plm-mode.el") ;;PATH is the full path of plm-mode.el you save in your local directory (autoload 'plm' "PL/M mode" t)

Android-rcs-ims-stack - RCS-e stack for Android platform

RCS-e stack implementation (GSMA RCS 1.2.1 compliant) 21/05/2012: Release 2.4.4 is available - See details in last README.txt (updated). - See Installation guide. - See Roadmap (updated). - See Wiki. - See Supported standards. - See RCS API (updated). - See FAQ. - See SIP API Demo which demonstrates how to create new RCS/IMS services on top of the RCS stack. - See Findbugs filter used to exclude some files for static source code analysis. The RCS-e stack is an open source implementation of the R

nsn - NSN


fliptext - ??? ?os? ns??n? b?? ?on ???? ???? s??

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hit7300-snmp - Library for accessing the NSN HiT7300 using SNMP

Library for accessing the NSN HiT7300 using SNMP


js1k experiments