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LUA based natural selection 2 admin plugin




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Log2RSS: The feed for Sys-Admins

A simple perl script/daemon to convert syslog-ns logfile to an RSS Feed!!!

Prestashop-facebook-opengraph-module - Implements OpenGraph API as Prestashop module

IntroductionThis plugin implements facebook OpenGraph API for products and whole site at all. http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/ WhyI wrote short article describing why is good to use OpenGraph API. http://blog.javaee.cz/2011/02/prestashop-opengraph-module-like.html InstallationInstallation is following best practices in prestashop, so Download .zip file Unzip to <..your-prestashop-folder../modules/>. Install plugin in your modules admin section, is in "seo" tab. Provide your fac

DAK - NS2 Admin Kit

NS2 Admin Kit

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