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NougakuDoCompanion is deployment tool of ruby on rails application on Windows Azure. NougakuDo is Rails environment for x64 Windows (??? in Japanese letters). NougakuDoCompanion ??rails ????????? Windows Azure ??????????????NougakuDo (???) ??x64 Windows ?? Rails ?????



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Python Tools for Visual Studio

PTVS is a free & OSS add-in from Microsoft that turns VS into a Python IDE. It supports CPython, IronPython, Intellisense, debugging, profiling, Azure, etc.


Ruby on Rails TextMate bundle [Learn it with PeepCode -]


A tagging plugin for Rails applications that allows for custom tagging along dynamic contexts.

Blacklight - Discovery Interface for any Solr index

Blacklight is an open source OPAC (online public access catalog). It is ruby-on-rails based discovery interface (a.k.a. “next-generation catalog”) especially optimized for heterogeneous collections. It could be used as a library catalog, as a front end for a digital repository, or as a single-search interface to aggregate digital content that would otherwise be siloed. Blacklight uses Solr, an enterprise-scale index for its search engine.


ErosOnRails is a framework developed for cataloging works of art in cultural heritage institutions.


A Ruby Rack-based gem for on-the-fly processing - suitable for image uploading in Rails, Sinatra and much more!


A popular and flexible JavaScript DatePicker for RubyOnRails (and others)

Solr/Lucene on Azure

This project hosts Solr/Lucene in Windows Azure using multi-instance replication for index-serving and single-instance for index generation with a persistent index mounted in Azure storage. Typical scenarios could be a commercial and publisher sites that need to scale the traffic with increasing query volume and need to index maximum 16 TB of data and require couple of index updates per day.


jclouds is an open source library that helps you get started in the cloud and reuse your java development skills. Our api allows you to freedom to use portable abstractions or cloud-specific features. We support many clouds including Amazon, VMWare, Azure, and Rackspace.