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NoteHighLight for the OneNote 2010 add code syntax highlighting package.



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JSignPdf is an open source Java application which adds digital signatures to PDF documents. It also contains Add-On for

Calcdrawaddon - Proof-of-concept addOn for OpenOffice Calc that sets cell prop or value by mouse dra

Demo Code: An OpenOffice add-on that gets and changes the current active cell in OpenOffice Calc on mouseMove or mouseDrag. It maintains coordinates for the current cell based on XSelectionChangeListener events. Here it is used to set the XCell background color property or value for freehand mouse drawing, like finger-painting. The add-on oxt file works with OpenOffice 3.2. The source is a zip file in downloads. It was developed with: Stack on March 7, 2011: Netbeans-6.9.1, NetbeansOOPlugin-2.0.

Ooo2gd - Export your documents to Google Docs, Zoho and WebDAV servers from

AddOn for (and LibreOffice) to export documents to Google Docs, Zoho & WebDAV servers created by Przemysław Rumik Short description and help for OOo2GD here Ubuntu 9.10 users, please read #7 on KnownIssues. Mac OS X users, please read MacOS_Support (it worked with OS X 10.4 aka Tiger, now it doesn't work because Apple changed something in theirs Java, and now any of Java extensions for doesn't work). If you have problems with OOo2GD create Issue or go to my Google Profile

OpenOffice Addon for SugarCRM

OpenOffice Addon for SugarCRM that allow close integration between SugarCRM system and OpenOffice applications.

Evolved OpenOffice

Evolved OpenOffice is an add-on package for users of It adds extra speed, features and functionality, and simplifies the tasks associated with using and administering this excellent OpenSource Office Suite. More info on the Homepage.

Armenian Spell Checker

This project aims to create Armenian spell checking dictionaries for GNU Aspell and MySpell also as extension and Mozilla add-on. Subversion

An add-on which provide basic work with Subverversion. You can import/commit/checkout/update your documents into/from the repository, also with support of showing history and document diferences.

Vtigercrmturkey - Turkish Vtiger CRM Project -Translation of vtigercrm release 5.3 to the Turkish La

Translation of vtigercrm release 5.3 to the Turkish Language vtiger CRM is 100% Open Source Customer Relationship Management solution built over LAMP/WAMP stack and other third-party open source packages. vtiger CRM software can be installed in Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and different types Unix/Linux-based distributions, such as RedHat 7.2/8.0/9.0, Debian 3.0, SuSe 9.0, Fedora Core 3.0, Mandrake 10.0, Mac OS, and FreeBSD. Please visit Online Demo for more details. How is vtiger CRM different from

Openoffice-ape-addon - An add-on for Open Office that checks if a text is in Attempto Controlled Eng

This project uses the attempto parsing engine from the Attempto Project ( ) and makes use of it through a simple OpenOffice Add-On. The goal is to employ a simple text editing device that checks if the text in the OpenOffice document is in Attempto Controlled English.