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A Simple program which writes an empty text file every few minutes to your external hard disk drive to keep it from going into auto-sleep mode. Tags: NOSleepHD, External hard Disk, Auto-Sleep, Auto, Sleep, Western Digital, Seagate, USB, eSATA, FireWire, SATA



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Linux disaster recovery and system migration solution

VideoMan Library

Library for capturing video from cameras, 3d sensors, frame-grabbers, video files and image sequences. It can also display multiple images using OpenGL with different layouts. Easy integration with OpenCV, CUDA... Perfect for computer vision. Keywords: video capture, computer vision, machine vision, opencv, opengl, cameras, video input devices, firewire, usb, gige

Cinelerra - Capture, Compose Edit video & Audio

Turn your Linux box into a complete audio and video production environment. This is the developer resource for all things related to the system. Cinelerra does primarily 3 things: capturing, compositing, and editing audio and video with sample level accuracy. It's a movie studio in a box. Cinelerra also includes a video compositing engine, allowing the user to perform common compositing operations such as keying and mattes.


Keeps up to four USB/Firewire external hard disk drive(s) from going into sleep mode. Eliminates the annoying lag waiting for your external drives to spool up. Inspired by NoSleepHD, improved upon for my own needs. Includes an 8 hour customisable working day timer.

IIDC Camera Control Library

Capture and control API for IIDC compliant cameras

Pyavc - Mac-only Video Capture from AVC-compatible devices such as cable boxes

PyAVC is a simple library for OS X that allows MPEG2-TS video capture from Firewire AVC devices -- including Comcast cable boxes!


KeepAliveHD is a simple program which writes a small text file every few minutes to your external hard disk drive(s) to keep them from going into auto-sleep mode.

Jmf-stereo-firewire - JMF Support for Firewire Stereo Cameras

This project provides firewire stereo camera support for use in the Java Media Framework (JMF) under Linux with libdc1394/libraw1394 using JNI. Tested on: Ubuntu 8.04, 8.10, 9.04 Using: libdc1394 1.x site JMF site libraw1394 site Based on: MF Support for Firewire Cameras under Linux jfw Build tools: ant, make,


C+FOX is a C++ FireWire camera driver for MAC OS X designed to ease the developement of FireWire application, featuring support of large number of standard FireWire camera device, FireWire broadcast support,multiple camera per node support.

Baby-life-android - Simply record baby's life

This android app is my first android app. It's a gift for my wife QQCANDY, and our first wedding anniversary. The main function for this app include: Record baby's feeding time, duration, bottle volume, mom's breast and notes. Record baby's sleeping time and pose. Record baby's Poo and Pee, time and size. Auto set record time and stop time. History list for review, edit and delete.