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TinyOS for 8051 based platforms such as Texas Instruments CC2430, Nordic Semi nRF24e1 and SiLab c8051F34x.

Nordicframework - The Nordic Framework is a clearly designed framework for making the life of each P

The Nordic Framework is designed for making the life of each PHP-programmer easier. This maxim can only be achieved by a clear design, narrative documentation and innovations.

Nordicrepository - The Nordic Repository aims to add functionality to the Zend Framework.

The Nordic Repository aims to add functionality to the Zend Framework. Therefore it can be a good adjunct to the Zend Framework.

Sesto - NordGen SeedStore Management System

SESTO is a genebank management tool developed by the Nordic Gene Bank, (today Nordic Genetic Resource Center, NordGen). The application has gradually been developed into a more generic PGR information system and is now adopted for management and presentation of data from other genebanks than only the NordGen ex situ collection at Alnarp. This work is still in progress.

Nordic nRF24L01+ .NET Micro Framework Driver

Library that enables .NET Micro Framework developers to use Nordic 2.4 GHz wireless tranceivers. This library can be used on any net mf device with SPI interface.

Chainknights - Chain Knights: No Arms- Just Armor.

A co-op multiplayer 2D physics-based platformer set in a gritty, hand-drawn Nordic-Punk world. Disembowel your friends and enemies with a huge selection of battle-worn weaponry as a Chain Knight, one of an ancient order dedicated to upholding justice through massive bloodshed. Clobber waves of fierce Nugs as you pile on more and better armor, and squabble with your compatriots over powerful artifacts of dismemberment! Swing around destructible, hand-drawn levels with your mighty grapple-chain- o

To-fix - FIX Protocol Message Containers - Lightweight low latency message encoder/decoder

FIX Protocol Message Containers - Lightweight low latency message encoder/decoderSummaryThe to-fix project is a low latency high performance FIX message containers written in Java. The message containers are generated based on an extended QuickFIX XML specification. The to-fix containers supports all FIX versions, 4.2,4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.0Sp1, 5.0,sp2, FIXT including adaptations like FIX 4.2 INET Nordic. A user should modify the XML specification and generate containers for the particular FIX diale

Ghostnordicleague - Custom version of Ghost++

Custom build of ghost++ adapted for nordic league hosting solution