couchdb-replicator-status - Returns status of various replication tasks for a given CouchDB server

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The best way to get familiar with this module is to examine the `.status(options, callback)` method:``` jsvar replicatorStatus = require('couchdb-replicator-status');replicatorStatus.status({ url: 'http://localhost:5984' }, function (err, status) { if (err) { console.error('Error getting status: ' + err); return process.exit(1); } Object.keys(status).forEach(function (k) { console.dir(status[k]); });});```There are corresponding `bin/status` and `bin/watch` scripts in `bin/*` to help quickly evaluate the status of replication on a given CouchDB server:```$ bin/statususage: status [url] [filter0] [filter1] ...```



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