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Nonocast.Data is a free, open source developer focused object persistence for small and medium software.



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Wxgis - wxGIS is GIS developed using wxWidgets on top of GDAL.

wxGIS is following ArcGIS ideology in developing GIS. Now wxGIS includes: wxGISCatalog – ArcCatalog analogue. wxGISToolbox – ArcToolbox analogue. The latest standalone version is available for download here The latest portable version is available for download here The package for Ubuntu is available here. Install howto see here The version 0.4.1 of wxGIS main features: New versions of main libs (GDAL 1.9.0, GEOS 3.3.2, Proj 4.8, etc.) Add support OrbView-3 orthorectify and metadata, while o

UISuperTableView - UITableView with loading screen and no-data screen

UITableView with loading screen and no-data screen


using MyNamespace::JSAPIClass; FB::variant MyObjectAPI::myExposedRegisteredMethod() { JSAPIClass c; // default no-data constructor JSAPIClass c(value1, value2, ...) // set all values in constructor someVar = c.member1.submember2 //access to members return someVar.toVariant() // generate FB::variant to pass to javascript }In javascript, the classes will appear like common JS objects, e.g. var c = plugin().myExposedRegisteredMethod() //get the result of

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