No Brainer: An MVC + CMS Framework

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NoBrainer is an MVC + CMS Framework, as its name suggests for low-fi developers and savvy business stakeholders. It provides developers the flexibility of MVC as well as the control of WebForm, resulting in a testable and content manageable WebForm infrastructure for you appli...



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Roboworkbench - An Eclipse RCP based application for working with small robot platforms.

RoboWorkbenchThe aim of this project is to build an extensible platform for programming and playing with my collection of small autonomous robots. I chose the Eclipse platform as a basis because it is itself an easily extensible framework with a great deal of development power. I've used the RCP framework professionally for several years too which kindof makes it a no-brainer choice. Initially I wanted to create a set of tools for visualising what my Surveyor SRV1 robot 'sees' with its camera an

Nobrainerproject - NoBrainer est un logiciel d'entrainement cérébral...

NoBrainer est un logiciel d'entrainement cérébral inspiré des jeux PlayFish disponible sur Facebook : World challenge, Geo Challenge et Who has the biggest brain. NoBrainer permet d'évaluer sa progression jour après jour et de comparer son niveau avec celui des autres utilisateur de son réseau social.

Minibae - Platform-neutral Audio Engine

What is miniBAE? The platform-neutral Beatnik Audio Engine, Mini Edition (miniBAE) is an exceptionally mature, well-rounded, and reliable computer music and sound system specially customized for small-footprint and embedded applications. miniBAE is... Flexible It can play several leading industry-standard music and audio file formats from disk or from memory. Interactivity-oriented You can pause and resume any media playback at will, change pitch while a sound is playing, etc.The feature-rich mi

Iphonedebug - iPhone JavaScript debug console

IntroductionThe iPhone Debug Consle is meant to give greater visibility and interactivity on your iPhone/iPod Touch while doing development. I grew frustrated having to go through the "include console.log statement then reload" method of debugging. I wanted something similar to Firebug's fantastic console and debugger. In trying to find something that would fit my needs, I came across Joe Hewitt's iPhone/Firebug integration, but I wanted something more robust and that worked without firebug and

Nobrain-blog - Easy-to-use blog on Ruby on Rails.

What is nobrain-blog?An Installable Blog A Ruby on Rails project What is different?Easy to manage Easy to use Can I use this now?Not yet. I'm afraid. I made my blog with nobrain-blog, but I don't like to recommend. :)

Movida - The free movie collection manager!

Managing your movie collection has never been so easy. And fun. You don’t remember where you stored a movie? Are you looking for other movies with that great actor? Need someone to suggest you a short and funny movie you haven’t seen yet? Well… ask movida! Website: UPDATE: The whole project and SVN have been moved from SourceForge to Google Code. The website is unfortunately out of date and there's still lots of work to do on the project, so please stand by. --- Key Featu

Graffiti-usergroups - Plugins and macros for Graffiti CMS to manage user group events.

Two plugins, macros and a theme for user groups to manage their events and talks. ContentsA sample theme Event plugin to manage user group events including metadata like Speaker Location Begin and end date and time Allowed number of registrations Talk plugin to manage talk downloads and slides Two sets of Chalk macros for accessing metadata conveniently InstallationTo try Graffiti-Usergroups just copy the release files to a fresh Graffiti CMS installation. Then log in to the admin control panel

Textresizejs - jQuery textResize plugin

textResize.js tries to be a no-brainer for when text resizing is needed. This functionality is already present in all browsers, but there is the particular client that wants it ;) textResize.js lets you easily hook-up on links to shrink/enlarge the text-size with inceremental values. It can also be configured to use fixed variations (eg. Small / Normal / Large text) It persists using jquery.cookie.js. Assuming you have HTML <a class="decrease-text-size" href="#">Smaller Text</a><a class="reset-t


A no-brainer, plain-ruby database


Static, no-brainer, bidimensional grid for iOS.