NHS Customer Service Portal Development

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NHS Portal Development Project All Project Related materials for initial Alpha Release (working prototype) are available in the download tab. Important discussions that are beneficial to the development team are in the Discussions Tab.




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Nhsnomethods - NHS number extension methods for .net 3.5

A collection of extension methods used to format, strip formatting and vaildate against the checksum alogrithm. The methods that extend System.String and are contained in an assembly that can be simply referenced in any .net project where you want to format and validate NHS numbers.

Co2-footprint - system for calculating co2 footprint on both personal and organisational levels

There is currently a lot of effort being made by organisations such as the NHS, Universities and IT companies to reduce their carbon footprint and lessen their environmental impact. Aim of this project is to build an application that will allow individuals / departments or project teams monitor their carbon footprint especially focusing on the areas of energy consumption, the impact of travel and the use of consumables such as paper and ink. The product should have the ability to take informatio

Nhschoices-wp - NHS Choices for WordPress

A WordPress plugin for easily accessing information on GPs, dental practices and other services provided by the NHS. It searches the NHS Choices database for services in a given location, and can display them in a widget, or via a shortcode. This project came out of a hack day as part of the Speed Data event, held in Birmingham in April 2010. To use the plugin, you'll need to obtain an API key from Substrakt. This is because the NHS Choices database requires a username and password to access it.

Projects-project - Some DrScheme extensions/tools/plugins to add 'projects' support to DrSch

ProjectMgr adds the ability to save and load sets of tabs in DrScheme (ProjectMgr PLaneT page) packer is DrScheme GUI tool to make a info.ss and automatically generate a .plt file for upload to PLaneT. Check the file menu for the Pack .PLT menu item. (Packer PLaneT page) Also heretable-snip A MrEd snip for tabular data. /n just supply a table as a list of rows, with all the rows the same length(it doesn't check your table) (table-snip PLaneT page) nhs.plt Validates or generates the check-digit o

Egoapp - BMI calculator and workout information app

I am new to java and I am doing my final year project on Android OS. I am making a BMI calculator that also gives suggestion of possible work outs. I want to illustrate the rapid development and peer review that open source provides. I am not an expert on java but do not the basic and have made some head way with the program RequirmentsAndroid 1.5 FeaturesThis is a bmi calculator that gives tips on work out plans i have done the GUI for weight Loss and, the exercise plans must be implmented and