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nGo framework



Related Projects

GNU Health

GNU Health is the award-winning Free Hospital and Health Information System (HIS). GNU Health is the Hospital Information System by the United Nations .- International Institute for Global Health. GNU Health was chosen by Richard Stallman to be included in the GNU System, from the Free Software Foundation. GNU Health is brought to you by GNU Solidario, an Non-Profit Organization (NGO) that delivers Health and Education with Free Software.


ActionDirectory is an cms for web based \quot;yellow pages\quot; style directories of organizations. It is specifically designed for activists, NGO\'s and Non-Profit Organizations who want to facilitate social networking and collaboration among coalitions.

Doacoes - Software to help NGO's donation control

It's a project from ITA - Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica - Brazil, that is concerned about making a software for the Object-Oriented Programming and Database courses of the class 2009. In this project, 31 students will do a team work to deliver a software to help NGO's donation control. Database Teacher: Eduardo Guerra Object-Oriented Programming Teacher: José Maria Parente

Ngodonate - A resource-sharing and social network for NGOs.

My project will be to design a website that acts as a resource-sharing and social network for non-governmental organizations(NGOs). This website will be a network designed to help NGOs find the resources they need. The resources can range from time a volunteer is willing to invest or assets a business is willing to donate. Businesses, individuals, and non-governmental organizations can join the website. All members of the website will be able to put up items to donate. Only NGO members can recei

Pantoto-lite - Open Source Content and Information Managment System

We have moved to a new Pantoto implementation at this location :

Heliosscm - HELIOS Supply Chain

HELIOS is a web-based comprehensive supply chain solution for the humanitarian and disaster relief sector which aims to provides better access to supply chain information to enhance decision-making at every level throughout the aid delivery process.

Audiospread - AudioSpread solution by Interspread for Internews

Current cycle: 0.04 / Current phase: Development - March 6th to March 11th 2009View the cycles calendar | View issues for current cycle | View issues roadmap AudioSpread is the name of a solution responding to Internews Europe NGO's demand to have a system allowing end users to listen to archived radio programs with their cellphone/fixed anytime and anywhere, since most people have phones today. AudioSpread is currently developped by Interspread. is a fictitious company founded by Chinese and Fr

Dwg - Donation Widget Generator

Provides non-profits and others with an easily installable widget that will generate the html for donation buttons. Allows bloggers, website owners, and others to easily generate html that renders a donation button for their favorite non-profit or cause. Self contained javascript that may be included in any html page to provide a form that generates the html for a customized donation button.