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NFCSharp is a project aimed at building a native C# support for NFC tag manipulation.



Related Projects

Open NFC

Open NFC is an open source stack implementing the NFC functionnalities for many OSes. The Open NFC stack offers a comprehensive set of NFC API for Android, Linux and Windows Mobile.


A Java/Windows/.NET conversion utility. Convert text, RTF, HTML, and Word/Excel documents in Vietnamese legacy formats (VNI, VISCII, VPS, TCVN3, or VIQR), NCR (windows-1252, iso-8859-1), and Unicode Composite (NFD) to Unicode Precomposed (NFC) format

farebot - Read data from public transit cards using your NFC Android phone!

Read data from public transit cards using your NFC Android phone!


Nokia NBU, NBF, NFB, NFC and ARC backup file parser, extractor and viewer. It can help you to check content of backup or extract files from it. Requires MS .Net Framework 2

Nfcdoorlock - NFC door lock/access control

NFC Door LockThis project is for a simple nfc based door lock using distributable certificates and signing. Mobile Door Key application developed for Android, Door Lock developed on Beagleboard xM using Angstrom, ACR122u NFC reader, USB Relay and 12V AC door lock. This project is intended for a simple way for people to replace their home door lock with an NFC capable one. Please see the Wiki for more information.

nfc-reader - Simple NFC Reader for Android

Simple NFC Reader for Android

Pynfc - Python bindings for libnfc

Pynfc provides a pythonic interface for the libnfc library, allowing access to ISO-14443a and similar RFID/NFC cards supported by libnfc.

Nfc-ticketing - Development of an NFC based mobile ticketing system

The objective of this project is to develop a Near Field Communication (NFC) based system which can be used to realise a ticketing and access control solution. The system will build on the work of previous years project: two projects in particular - one of which developed a Bluetooth based access control solution and one which developed a paypal based mobile payment solution. This project will involve integrating these two solutions and combining them with an NFC based access control mechanism.

Nfcbtpcsc - Nokia NFC Bluetooth PCSC Reader

This project enables the use of a Nokia 6131 NFC or 6212 NFC phone as a contactless smartcard reader over bluetooth under Linux/Unix through PCSC-Lite. For this to work two seperate components are necessary. A midlet that runs on the phone and a PCSC-ifdhandler library that utilizes BlueZ to connect to the midlet. The whole thing works, but there are some annoyances mostly due to limitations of the current JSR-257 implementation on the S40 phones. See Annoyances. Check the Configuration.