Neuron Operating System

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Neuron Operating System



Related Projects

iqr large-scale neural systems simulator

iqr is a simulation software to graphically design and control large-scale neuronal models. Simulations in iqr can control real-world devices in real-time. iqr can be extended by new neuron, and synapse types, and custom interfaces to hardware.


Moose is the core of a modern software platform for the simulation of neural systems ranging from subcellular components and biochemical reactions to complex models of single neurons, large networks, and systems-level processes.


NeuroML is an XML-based description language for defining and exchanging neuronal cell, network and modeling data including reconstructions of cell anatomy, membrane physiology, electrophysiological data, network connectivity, and model specification


Klusters is a powerful and easy-to-use cluster-cutting application designed to help neurophysiologists sort action potentials recorded from multiple neurons on groups of electrodes (e.g. tetrodes or multisite silicon probes). Developed at the Buzsaki lab

NeuronDotNet - Neural Networks in C#

NeuronDotNet is a neural network engine written in C#. It provides an interface for advanced AI programmers to design various types of artificial neural networks and use them.


NeuroScope is an advanced viewer for electrophysiological and behavioral data (with limited editing capabilities): it can display local field potentials (EEG), neuronal spikes, behavioral events, and the position of the animal in the environment.

Jay Brain

A fast and smart audio player with neuronal design, containing quot;cellsquot;, quot;tissuesquot; that extend functionality of the quot;brainquot;. Has skinnable GUI, pluggable formats, lyrics support, playlist editor, audio effects, shell integration. Hope you like it!


The BPANNA is a flexible Back propagation neural network, which include the Conjugate Gradient and the Levenberg-Marquardt. You can change the number of inputs, number of layers, number of neurons per layer and outputs. It included an structure editor.

Pynrn - Python program for generation and analysis of a NEURON model

Python program for generation and analysis of a NEURON model