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Net.Dns is a DNS query library fully written in C#. Performs currently A, NS, MX, TXT, SVR, PTR typeed queries.



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Netdns2 - Native PHP5 DNS Resolver and Updater

Net_DNS2 - Native PHP5 DNS Resolver and UpdaterThe main features for this package include:Increased performance; most requests are 2-10x faster than Net_DNS Near drop-in replacement for Net_DNS Uses PHP5 style classes and exceptions Support for IPv4 and IPv6, TCP and UDP sockets. Includes a separate, more intuitive "Updater" class for handling dynamic update Support zone signing using TSIG and SIG(0) for updates and zone transfers Includes a local cache using shared memory or flat file to improv

net-dns - Net::DNS is a DNS library written in Ruby.

Net::DNS is a DNS library written in Ruby.

Dynamic-dnsupdate - Web-based Dynamic DNS Update Program

DescriptionThis is a simple web-based dynamic DNS update program that can add, replace or delete DNS resource records in a master server. (very user friendly) This program is developed based on a PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository)'s package Net_DNS without using a PHP's external program execution function (system). This program is very useful for individuals or SMEs' DNS administers who want to manage their DNS resource records easily. PrerequisitesApache 2.x.x PHP 5.x.x PEAR Net_DN

Cs-netdns - DNS Query component for .NET

With Net.Dns you can resolve DNS queries for resource types such as A, CNAME, PTR, MX, SRV, LOC and NS record. The resolver class has also a few 'shortcuts' methods such as Resolver.LookupIp which always returns an IPAddress instance. Some features of Net.Dns: UDP and TCP support AXFR and IXFR query support - (Incremental) zone transfer (Experimental) Automatic discovery of machine DNS server(s) (Currently only support for Windows and Linux) Recursive IP Lookup Automatic re-query using TCP if re

Php-radiodns - PHP library for RadioDNS

IntroductionA PHP library that facilitates the resolution of an authoritative Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) from the broadcast parameters of an audio service. From this FQDN it is then possible to discover the advertisement of IP-based applications provided in relation to the queried audio service. For more information about RadioDNS, please see the official documentation: InstallationThis library depends on the Net_DNS library. See

PHP Verify Mail

PHP VerifyMail is a developing class designed to prevent automatic registrations based on entering regexp-valid but not existent mail domain. It uses DNS and SYN to check mx server existance. Based on Net_DNS from PEAR, used as a basic quot;includesquot;.

Rfcmail - Experimental Internet Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) Toolkit

RFCMail is a collection of Perl modules which can be used to implement a number of mail-related things, such as SMTP honeypots for spam analysis. Its core business is that of an MTA, so most of the modules relate to SMTP in some way. It does not major in message text handling or message store (mailbox) management. The author has chosen to re-implement the core SMTP functionality, rather than re-use existing implementations, so as to allow much greater flexibility in how SMTP is handled. At this

Perl-net-dns-xml - Subclass of XML::Simple that takes a Net::DNS::Packet object and turns it into we

NAMENet::DNS::XML - Transforms a Net::DNS::Packet into well formed XML. SYNOPSIS #!/usr/bin/perl use Net::DNS::Resolver; use Net::DNS::XML; # Create Net::DNS::Packet object. my $resolver = Net::DNS::Resolver->new(); my $answer = $resolver->query('', 'A', 'IN'); # Create Net::DNS::XML object. my $xmlout = Net::DNS::XML->new([<options>]); my $xml = $xmlout->XMLout($answer [, <options>]); QUICK STARTA script that takes two arguments, hostname and record type: my $resolver = Net::DNS::Resol

Sblam - Sblam! anti-spam filtering service for web forms

Sblam! – advanced anti-spam filter for web formsSblam! is a transparent server-side anti-spam filter for HTTP web forms (blog comments, forums, guestbooks, etc.) The project includes: Bayesian filtering for text and links. DNSBL clients for http:BL, SURBL, DroneBL, SORBS, BLs, all using custom asynchronous DNS client based on PEAR Net_DNS. Throttling of requests (implemented using APC), Automatic blacklist that handles dynamic IPs pretty well, Miscellaneous other "plug-ins" that check