Nest-plugin - Nest macro plugin for confluence

This plugin provides excerpt like functions, but renders in origion page and deals with internal link, so support toc macro and correct internal link. Featuresmulti nest-export in one page render in original(nest-export) page, not in usage(nest) page correct innerlink, support toc macro Usage ExampleSpacce: A/Page: a {nest-export:name=toc|hidden=true} {toc:minLevel=2|maxLevel=2}{nest-export} h2.title1{nest-export:name=content1}content......{nest-export}h2.title2Spacce: A/Page: b {nest:pageTitle=a|name=content1|nopanel=true}{nest}{nest:pageTitle=a|name=toc|nopanel=true}{nest}How to buildsvn co atlassian-pdkcd atlassian-pdkmvn installsvn co nest-plugincd nest-pluginmvn packageyou will get the jar in target directory.


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