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Add-ons for ASP.NET MVC 2 NerdDinner Application



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Ubuntu - Operating System

Ubuntu is a fork of Debian. Its main goal is to make easy to use Linux desktop. It provides stylish and intuitive user interface called Unity. All of the editions of Ubuntu share common infrastructure and software, making Ubuntu a unique platform that scales from consumer electronics to the desktop, and into the cloud for enterprise computing. It comes installed with a wide range of software. It supports 32 bit and 64 bit architecture.

ninject - the ninja of .net dependency injectors

the ninja of .net dependency injectors

patterns & practices - Unity

The Unity Application Block (Unity) is a lightweight extensible dependency injection container with support for constructor, property, and method call injection. Unity addresses the issues faced by developers engaged in component-based software engineering. Modern business ap...


a Domain Driven Design + CQRS + EventSource java framework

Open Information Integration

Open Information Integration Tool Suite (Open II) is used by analysts and programmers to accelerate data integration and harmonization across organizations. OpenII has a neutral schema repository for browsing and comparing all sorts of data models. Release Notes Release Date: March 29, 2012 Build Version: 1.0.2639 Notes: 1. Build version numbers are now displayed in the tool suit's About OpenII page. 2. Access to new features in the Unity tool, a vocabulary editor, is now available. In add

Legacy location of Unity Project

This project is a point of redirect to point users to the new location of the Unity C-based test framework project. This project has moved to:

Infector++ - Simple and Lightweight IoC container

A simple and lightweight IoC Container for doing dependency Injection for C++11. Simplest API, easy to use and hard to misuse. It is exception safety, Virtually remove memory leaks and Typesafe.

Net-ioc-frameworks - A feature tests of .NET IoC frameworks

The tests that were used to fill the blanks in my posts: Comparing .NET DI (IoC) Frameworks, Part 1 Comparing .NET DI (IoC) Frameworks, Part 2 Frameworks tested: Castle Unity Ninject Autofac StructureMap Spring.Net LinFu I am going to update tests occasionally (when the new framework versions come out).

Futile - A super simple Unity 2D framework

A super simple Unity 2D framework

Unity Castle

Leverages the core functionality of Unity Application block. Focuses on providing easier type registration and resolving through the fluent interface. Uses Unity - Inspired by Windsor Castle and Ninject