Named Entity Recognizer

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Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation tools



Related Projects

Neantonation - Named entity annotation tool

A small tool to help user annotate named entity quickly

Nicta-ner - Named Entiry Recognizer

NICTA Named Entity Recognizer is a java based Named Entity Recognizer which extracts named entities from text such as Organization, Location and Person names.

Viksit-code - Code snippets for extending various open source projects

This is a repository to maintain useful add-ons for various open source projects that I work with and develop patches or contributions for.

Sonex - Information and Relation Extraction from Text

SONEX (SOcial Network EXtractor) is a system for automatically extracting information networks formed by recognizable entities as well as relations among them from text (such as blogs). Some of the system capabilities include: (1) Identifying named entities in unstructured text (based on the supervised LBJ NER from UIUC); (2) Extracting co-occurring named entity pairs; (3) Building an efficient VSM to represent entity pairs using different features, and applying feature selection methods for clu

Graph-expression - High level automaton library for information extraction

GExpHigh level automaton library for information extraction. Usage: Named Entity Recognition(NER) patterns Optimal match finding (for ambiguous grammars) Relation and fact extraction Structure parsing (like document structure, sententce parsing) Search problem solving (like Suduku) GExp Features:all standard reg exp operators: +, {n,n}, {n,}, .... much more: java predicates on groups, reluctant, greedy, cut operator, inner match... structure of match -it is possible to build syntax tree based on

Wikipedianerdata - Training data generator for Named Entity Recognition, using Wikipedia

This project contains several apart programs: splitter: capable of splitting large Wikipedia xml files into smaller files of a specified size parser: removes wikipedia markup (to a certain extent) and saves data into a specified schema entityExtractor: identifies and tags named entities, marking them and saving them in a database.

197website - An open source class website.

Welcome to 197website Project's homepageWhat's 197website?197website is a fully functional CMS (Content Managing System) for a class in school. It is easy to use and manage. It's there a demo?See here for a demo. It's using by my class. Who's writing this?My name is Chih-Wei Fang. I'm a junior high student. It's full of Chinese! Where's English?It's base structure is bad to do i18n (internationalization). So I'm writing a ner version that's better to do i18n. Download Time!Stable-Version197websi