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NeonMika.Webserver is easy to set up and easy to extend. With minimal code you can achieve great results controlling and accessing your Netduino+. It is easy to run this on your .Net MF device, as long as it has an ethernet port. It's espacially created for the Netduino, bu...



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.NET Micro Framework

The .NET Micro Framework combines embedded managed code development with Microsoft Visual Studio® tools to deliver exceptional productivity on small devices.


Use NeonMika.NetduinoControl to controll your Netduino using NeonMika.Webserver over ethernet.


(Yet Another Ambient Munny) Yaam uses an Arduino or Netduino to light a LED in a Munny to glow the same color as your Microsoft Lync status. The project uses C for the Arduino, .NET Micro Framework for the Netduino, and WPF (C#/XAML) for the Lync status daemon.

Netduino Library

Various useful classes to help develop for netduino.


This project is a hobby project for me and my friends. We want to create an AI language for a netduino controlled Robot. The language is C# using Compact Framework (CF) The first step is create the language then create a test environment where we can test the robot. Last s...

netduino Helpers

The 'netduino Helpers' is a C# driver set for common hardware components and features convenient wrappers around complex .Net Micro Framework features such as: Analog joysticks, Real-time clock, 8*8 LED matrix, Shift register, runtime assembly & resource loader, bitmaps, etc.


Netduino is an open source electronics platform using the .NET Micro Framework.

Netduino-compatible embedded webserver

Embedded Webserver is a small footprint, multi-platform webserver implementation exposing IIS-like API to web enable your hobby project in four easy steps.

Brew-duino-pdx - Modular and automated brewing system interchangeably using Arduino and Netduino mic

A group of PDX-based home brewers that wanted to tinker with our own modular automation systems for brewing cross-compatible between .NET MF Netduino and Arduino APIs. The final project will target a portable brewing automation system which can scale easily from 5 gallon to 1 bbl brewing operation. We will include schematics, eagle files, fritzing prototype data, live system pictures, and we will publish this under the upcoming open hardware license. Good coding fun, good friends, good beer... g

Netduino Console

Netduino Console is an interface with built in messaging layers that allows you as a developer to dynamically create plugins following a provided interface to i