Ndis-actiontec - Driver for adsl usb modem actiontec on Linux

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Driver for usb adsl modem actiontec on LinuxThis driver utilises ndiwrapper for loading windows driver but also the portion of linux copperjet co800 driver http://co800.sourceforge.net/ for loading small boot firmware first And also is possibile to change parameters of the connection ,thus to work on different adsl providers Please see the downloads page.... Downloads: For all other distributions this should work (keep it simple... :) ) ndis_actiontecSLAXv0.1-d.tar.gz More options in installer ,but little buggy ,sorry. actiontec_installer_v0.1.1.run For Instaler ,thanks goes to Sysctl ;) For xubuntu 8.10 (and up) use deb package and existing network manager 0.7.0 ndis-actiontec_0.1d_xubuntu810_i386.deb (this is actualy the same as knoppix deb ) note for ubuntu 10.10 and mint 10 julia please use gziped variant ndis_actiontecSLAXv0.1-d.tar.gz (debian package fails to install ) System requirementsup to date i386 linux distribution (not working on x86_64) linux kernel 2.6 (preferably >= 2.6.16 ) ndiswrapper >= 1.40 a way to do PPPoE connections in distribution New : 64 bit supported !Virtual driver appliance for both virtualbox & vmware player. Enables ADSL line to be established across usb port and further bridged to host network. PPPoE is then configured on host OS This in theory enables this driver on windows xp 64 , vista 64 and seven also for Linux 64 bit Host , and possibly Mac OS (intel) and Solaris Please see download page... New : IPV6 Ready !See wiki page Ipv6onmodem And download page ipv6 connect supported




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