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This library provides a convenient and easy way to integrate .NET applications with legacy applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). DDE is an older interprocess communication protocol that relies heavily on passing windows messages back and forth between applications...




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Nested-dict - Extension of defaultdict for multiple levels of nested dictionaries

nested_dictis a python library which extends collections.defaultdict to allow dictionaries with multiple levels of nesting to be created on the fly: from nested_dict import * nd = nested_dict() nd["a"]["b"]["c"] = 311 nd["d"]["e"] = 311 Each nested level is create magically when accessed, a process known as “auto-vivification� in perl. Documentationis available on google code or at http://wwwfgu.anat.ox.ac.uk/~lg/oss/nested_dict/ InstallationRun easy_install -U nested_dictor download source

Gpw-stock-exchange-observer - Observes Warsaw Stock Exchange using NOL3 as a DDE server and the data

Observes Warsaw Stock Exchange using NOL3 as a DDE server and the data source

Instaquote-dde-4-java - Syncronise DDE requests with a Java wrapper to obtain Instaquote live data

This software utilizes the Java for DDE 3.0 from www.javaparts.com to connect specificly with Bank of America's Instaquote Software. This software acceps a list of symbols and a "topic" and returns the latest results. Since Instaquote only works for Windows and DDE is a Windows technology, this software currently only operates under Windows.

Nlconverter - Lotus Notes (c) Converter

Convert Lotus nsf files to mbox archives Simple python project using the COM (DDE) API under win32 to convert nsf documents databases to other formats, mainly targetting mbox & ical

Download-data-uri - Download your data uri with filename

http://blog.fguy.com/2011/06/28/jquery-export-table-to-csv-file/ Google Chrome doesn't support download data uri with correct file extension. So I made this. Usage: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://download-data-uri.appspot.com/js/download-data-uri.js"></script><script type="text/javascript">downloadDataURI({\tfilename: "check.png", \tdata: "

de4dot - .NET deobfuscator and unpacker. PROJECT HAS MOVED TO https://bitbucket.org/0xd4d/de4dot/

.NET deobfuscator and unpacker. PROJECT HAS MOVED TO https://bitbucket.org/0xd4d/de4dot/

Gear - GEAR - Game Engine Andy Reimann in C++ using OpenGL

GEAR is a Game-Engine based on Windows and Linux, OpenGL, SDL or X11, Boost and C++ and was introduced by Andy Reimann in January 2010. Here you can find the informations which are needed to use all the features of the GEAR-Library. Currently the project is at the beginning and we search for interested developers which have good practice in writing C++ code and OpenGL code. The game engine is object oriented and based on a Scene Graph implementation. We are searching for interested developers an