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Nadia-and-wajeeha-bit10c-se-lab1 - This is lab1 software engineering course

we are setting up the repositary on google project for lab1 of our software engineering course.

My-gadgets-nadia - i miei gadget da flashgamesfan

i miei gadget per igoogle da flashgamesfan

Pliggmo - PliggMo by nadia รองรับภาษาไทยเต็มรูป�บบ (Ve

PliggMo by nadiaวันนี้นาเดียขอเสนอ PliggMo by nadia เวอร์ชั่น 1 พร้อมคุณสมบัติพิเศษมาà¸�มาย ทำเว็บ Pligg ไทยไม่เป็นปัà¸�หาอีà¸�ต่อไปà¹�ล้ว ด้วย PliggMo by nadia เวอร์ชั่น 1 เพียงà¹�ค่ติดตั้ง คุณà¸�็จะได้ทุà¸�อย่างที่ต้องà¸�าร โดà¸

Bees - Implementation of a bee algorithm (swarm intelligence)

This code contains an implementation of the bee-algorithm. It is based on and was used for the master's thesis "Schwarmintelligenz: Ein Bienenalgorithmus zur Lösung kombinatorischer Probleme" (Swarm intelligenz: A bee algorithm to solve combinatorical problems) of Nadia Thul at Fernuni-Hagen. The main program is implemented in standard C. In addition, a simple user interface for Mac OS X is provided.

Physikistueberall - Physik ist Ãœberall

The learning software "Physics is everywhere" is concerned with everyday phenomenon and its physical explanation. It is aimed at students in grades six and seven. In a playful manner, the user can perform experiments and get an explanation of the physical background. Newly acquired knowledge can be tested in a quiz. If the user successfully completed the quiz, he is rewarded with instructions for further experiments. Those experiments can be performed outside of the learning environment. This dr

Run-project - RUN (Rosaria, Umberto, Nadia): progetto supermercato virtuale (servlet, jsp, applet, d

Tecnologie Web 2008-09 Progetto: supermercato virtuale Vogliamo implementare un supermercato virtuale, organizzato in scaffali contenenti prodotti analoghi (uno per l'ortofrutta, uno per la macelleria, uno per la pasta e così via). Il cliente dovrà poter fare il giro degli scaffali, mettendo quello che vuole nel carrello, oppure cercare i prodotti che gli servono con un meccanismo di ricerca per passi (cerca "pasta" e gli vengono offerti tutti i prodotti che contengono "pasta" nella denominazi

nea - Nadia El Art

Nadia El Art