Notification Framework

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Block aimed to provide basic notification services for .NET apps, this framework is developed in .NET 2.0 and currently supports DB Notifications (for application storage) and email notification, SMS notification is planned to be developed in coming months, feel free to collab...



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Gnab - gNab is an open source MP3sparks downloader based on Perl and Gtk

gNab is an open source MP3sparks downloader based on Perl and Gtk. Current Screenshot: gNab Alpha 0.01

Nabphp - NabPHP is a Open Source PHP-Library for communication with the Nabaztag

IntroductionNabPHP is a Open Source PHP-Library for communication with the Nabaztag. Currently it is very simple, but it alreade has some nice features like a choeographie constructor.

Jnabserver - Java based server for Nabaztag/tag bunnies

jNabServer replaces Violet platform with a Java based server that can be run locally on a server machine or even on some integrated platforms. Developers can write plugin components, which handle requests sent by Nabaztag (button input, RFID input, audio recording etc.) and send back commands to play audio, move ears and flash the lights.


An open PHP-based framework for the Nabaztag™ ( electronic pet. Due to major changes on the Violet backend, OpenNab can no longer be connected to it but it still can be used as a standalone server to set your bunnies free !

Django-json-rpc-server - Implementation of JSON-RPC protocol as middleware for Django web framework

Django and AJAXThis middleware is another attemp to simplify AJAX usage with Django based on JSON-RPC specification ( It inspired by Java Struts2 JSON-plugin by Musachy Barroso ( and SimpleJSONRPCServer by David McNab ( Some documentation can be found here: Usage example (see it with firebug):

Parallel-ssh - PSSH: Parallel SSH Tools

PSSH provides parallel versions of OpenSSH and related tools. Included are pssh, pscp, prsync, pnuke, and pslurp. The project includes psshlib which can be used within custom applications. The source code is written in Python and can be cloned from: git clone git:// PSSH is supported on Python 2.4 and greater (including Python 3.1 and greater). It was originally written and maintained by Brent N. Chun. Due to his busy schedule, Brent handed over maintenance to Andrew McNab


Shotgun is a Lotus Notes database, which allows bulk messages to be composed and sent to people based on information such as Location, Department, Server, or even everybody in a Name and Address Book (Domino Directory) -- anything in the NAB. You decide

Nabazuite - a New aproach and lead over the OpenNab proyect

im trying to apply/learn more of PHP by trying to give nabaztag/tags more aplications and uses

Opencinematools - Tools for the creation of digital cinema packages

NEW VERSION(1.1.2) RELEASED WITH 3D SUPPORT AND FULL SMPTE DCP COMPATIBILITYAlso contains a GUI for Windows. The goals for Open Cinema Tools are: support for multi-reel DCPs with several audio and subtitle tracks development of an intuitive, multi-lingual user interface Read the ReleaseNote and Download the last release. Read the News of the project. See Wiki for usage details. See for executive details. Download NAB'08 Presentation