Nitrogen Assembler

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Nitrogen Assembler. A new assembler for x86/x86-64.



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Orga2-2007 - Proyecto para Organización del Computador 2 en la UBA.

Este proyecto aloja el código para los proyectos de la materia "Organización del computador 2" en la Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales de la Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Indianos - A Large Scale Indian Operating system for x86 Processors.

THIS COMMUNITY IS DEDICATED FOR GREAT CODE DEVELOPMENT IN ANY FIELD RELATED TO COMPUTERS> well now a dayz outsourcing made world or might be just indians to believe that INDIA is n IT power .... but i have some questions that how can it be when we r using ol stuff imported from other countries like us etc nothing ours from processor to notepad software n we r IT power huh well i want ol people here to disscuss here their idea or experience to sort this out maybe we can soon change current scenar

Wolverine - TP Orga2

Este es el trabajo práctico de Organización del Computador 2 del primer cuatrimestre del 2009 de la UBA. El tp consiste en hacer caminar un personaje en este caso a Wolverine por un escenario. Lo que nosotros tuvimos que implementar en este trabajo práctico fueron las funciones de recortado de los sprites de wolverine, y el pegado sobre un fondo. Los sprites son las imagenes sucesivas del personaje que van a generar el efecto de movimiento. En este caso caminar y golpear con las garras.

Java-gpu - Support for offloading parallel-for loops in Java to NVIDIA CUDA compatible cards.

By introducing a @Parallel annotation, loops can be annotated as parallel. An extra compilation can then offload these to NVIDIA CUDA compatible graphics cards. Data transfers are handled automatically, and no CUDA C code has to be written explicitly. A full dissertation about this is available: Peter Calvert: Parallelisation of Java for Graphics Processors. Part II Dissertation, Computer Science Tripos, University of Cambridge June 2010. AMD's APARAPI project attempts to achieve very similar go

Wzvm - Basic javascript implementation of a low level virtual machine.

This is a javascript/PHP implementation of a low level virtual machine. It has a similar syntax to Intel ASM. Wazm Standard by Overview: The Wazm standard is the only accepted standard for the WZVM project. This document contains the correct syntax that the WZVM accepts. It also shows the standard interruptions, but this ones can be modified depending on the implementation of the WZVM. This program is not intended to emulate Assembly language at all. This program is based o

Initbrain-toolbox - v0.2.2 - NOUVEAU NOM : free-knowledge toolbox !

Annonce : On change de nom ! Suite à un changement et pas des moindres, la initbrain-toolbox devient la free-knowledge toolbox ! Description : Cette boîte à outil qui est un projet en pleine croissance est maintenant encadrée par l'association la communauté "free-knowledge". Free-knowledge, née de la passion commune de Julien Deudon (initbrain) et Geoffrey Robert (mks), a pour but d'encadrer différents projets libres tels que cette toolbox, mais pas seulement car nous avons déjà quelque

Asm-programming-language - A bastard child of Lisp, Python and... Uhm... D?

Another Syntactic Monstrosity (var all-integers ([n -> (join~ n (self (++ n)))] 1))(reduce [a b -> (+ (* a a) (* b b))] (take 23 (map~ [x -> (* x x)] all-integers)))ASM is a Lisp-like programming language and my ill-advised attempt at making Lisp even more expressive. It features dynamic, strong typing, lexical scoping, garbage collection and fully programmable reader-macro facility. Further reading:Homepage ASM development log & RSS feed. FAQ Get it right:ASM, ASMpl, ASM programming language -

Nchemproject - Numerical Chemostat for Processes Analysis in Wastewater Treatment Systems

DescriptionNCHEM (Numerical Chemostat) is an open source software tool to simulate numerically the behavior of a chemostat in which develops a microbiological system represented by any of the following models: IWA Activated Sludge Model N2d (ASM2d) IWA Anaerobic Digestion Model No.1 (ADM1) Extension of ASM3 for two-step nitrification and denitrification (ASM3) ANAMMOX reactor model Modelling nitrification, heterotrophic growth and predation in activated sludge FeaturesThe chemostat design may co

Ruby-math-3d - Ruby Math Module for 3D Applications

SummaryA math module for 3D game programming and computer graphics. FeaturesSupports frequently-used vector and matrix classesRMtx3 (3x3 matrix) RMtx4 (4x4 matrix) RQuat (Quaternion) RVec3 (3 element vector) RVec4 (4 element vector) Two implementations that are interchangeable with each : Ruby extension library for faster execution. RMath.rb : Ruby implemantation for debugging use. Building RMath.soFor mkmf users$ ruby extconf.rb $ make For Windows users, type commands below via th