MyStory Blog Engine

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MyStory is a blog engine solution. It will use following technical stacks - ASP.NET MVC, - ORM (will support both Entity Framework and NHibernate) - IoC (Castle Windsor or StructureMap, not yet decided) - HTML5 - jQuery - Razor



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structuremap - A Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control tool for .NET

A Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control tool for .NET

mystory - 免费开源的多人博客系统!小清新界面,用户可绑定并同步到QQ和微博,让站长们轻松运营原创文艺网站。DEMO见: 安装文档请点>

免费开源的多人博客系统!小清新界面,用户可绑定并同步到QQ和微博,让站长们轻松运营原创文艺网站。DEMO见: 安装文档请点>

EzyCMS - Easy and Simple CMS made by ASP.Net MVC

EzyCMS makes both of end user and developer enjoy CMS benefit and extendability to perform requirements. The design principles: EASY TO USE, EASY TO EXTEND, FLEXIBLE AND PWOERFUL TECHNOLOGY: ASP.Net MVC2, NHibernate, StructureMap, JQuery

Nservicebus-contrib - NServiceBus Contributions and Extensions

UPDATE Now on GitHub Contributions and extensions to the NServiceBus project. Recent changes to the object builder extensibility model have resulted in changes to its contrib counterparts StructureMap and AutoFac Update Castle support now available "out of the box". New! AutoFac support for 1.9 see here New! StructureMap support for 1.9 see here

Net-ioc-frameworks - A feature tests of .NET IoC frameworks

The tests that were used to fill the blanks in my posts: Comparing .NET DI (IoC) Frameworks, Part 1 Comparing .NET DI (IoC) Frameworks, Part 2 Frameworks tested: Castle Unity Ninject Autofac StructureMap Spring.Net LinFu I am going to update tests occasionally (when the new framework versions come out).


AspectMap is an Aspect Oriented framework built on top of the StructureMap IoC framework.

Bmbsqd-container - Simple, fast IoC container with excellent feature set

IOC Container with support for full lifetime management, decorators, fully type safe, early error reporting, very fast - single lookup and single casting for even the most complex constructor graphs. Check out the unit tests for more. A TDD-style project from Sweden Latest Performance Results (in milliseconds)ISimpleTransientClass CastleWindsor: 734 Autofac: 502 Unity: 335 StructureMap: 294 Bmbsqd: 32IDependantTransientClass CastleWindsor: 3318 Autofac: 1527 Unity: 1022 StructureMap: 575 Bmbsqd:

Higgs RIA Framework

Fluent & strongly-typed based framework for smooth development on .NET 4.0 and ASP.NET MVC 3. Currently, this framework supports ASP.NET view engine and partially support Razor view engine (it will be fully supported in Final version).

Rmh - Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan Reservation System

DescriptionA reservation and patient management system for the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan. Built on Fluent NHibernate and ASP.NET MVC. Also uses StructureMap and NUnit (all needed assemblies are included) Want to help out? Look at the issues tab, get the code and attach a patch to the issue. Don't know NHibernate? Not a problem. If the feature you're working on needs a new method on the repository just add it to the interface and mock it in your tests, leave the