MySQL Connect 2 ASP.NET

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Example project to show how to connect MySQL database to ASP.NET web project. IDE: Visual Studio 2010 Pro Programming language: C# Detailed information in the article here:



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kigg - Social bookmarking engine in ASP.NET

KiGG is a Web 2.0 style social news web application developed in Microsoft supported technologies. It allows multiple users to store, share and tag their favorite links online. The links could be tagged and Users will allowed to vote up or down the links. It rates the User based on their links posted and votes received. SQL Server or MySQL could be used as database back end. It powers websites - A site where you find links for .NET stories.

Sitebuilder-1 - Website builder framework for 2.0.

Website builder framework for 2.0 with c#. The data access layer (DAL) uses Codus which can generate code for MS Access, MS SQL Server and MySQL. The open source FCK Editor is also integrated for end users to edit static web pages.

Mysqlaspdotnetproviders - MySql ASP.NET Providers (Membership, Profile, Role, etc)

Using the source for the SQL Providers from Microsoft as a template, this project hopes to duplicate the providers using MySql as the backend database. The current available version utilizes .NET 2.0 Framework. Currently only the membership/role providers have been tested pretty extensively, the others have been implemented.

Web-accounting - a simple OS crm. Now only in russian languge

OS SaaS solution for small business. Supports accounting of clients, employees, turnover and overall work. Also allows creation of unique reports for each company ( because of plugin architecture ). Module for OLAP reports is in develop Now only in russian lng. Technologies: mvc2, mysql, c#, .net connector for mysql, ms entity framework, ms enterprise lib.

Dbknow - Like a wiki for your database schema. ASP.NET

This will make a web site for your database schema and allow you to edit it like a wiki. 1. Install dbKnow under IIS 2. Point dbKnow to one of your databases so it can extract the schema 3. Add comments to fields and tables. Comments are stored in the dbKnow database using SQLExpress (or server). 4. As your schema changes you can refresh without losing your comments and notes. Supports MySQL & Oracle as well


Framework desenvolvido em VB.NET. contem: 1. Controles: GridView, TextBox, FileUpload, ImageButtom, ModalPopUp, DropDownList. 2. Classes para web: javascript, PageAdapter 3. Outras classes: Segurança,

Scoreos - An open source fantasy sports management system

The ProjectThe SCORE OS Project is a collaborative effort to develop an open source fantasy sports management system (FSMS). PrototypesThe first prototype is Pre Pro Sports (PPS) Fantasy College Football League Manager, Version 5.0, which is run on a WISA (Windows, IIS, SQLServer, ASP.NET) software stack. The PPS software is exclusively licensed. The second prototype is the Pre Pro Hoops South (PPHS) College Basketball League Manager, Version 2.0, which runs on a WIAA

Webeasy - Web Applications - Made it Easy

WebEasy - Made it EasyWebEasy是一个�费�绿色�便��简易的Web应用开�环境,在ANMP(Apache/Nginx/MySQL/PHP)的基础上,精选并创造性地首次集�了多�Web应用开�工具和组件,支�Web应用的开��演示�学习以�项目管�,方便Web应用打包�行与�带。 Apache 2.2.19 PHP 5.3.8 MySQL 5.5.15 phpMyAdmin 3.4.5 SQLite Browser 1.3 SciTE for PHP 2.27 Notepad++ 5.9.3 WinSCP 4.3.3 Xdebug 2.1.2 ASP.NET DevServer 4.0 UnxUtils - GNU shell u

Eekbalam - LXMA 2.0 ( Linux+XSP+MySQL+ASP .Net 2.0 ) mono powered website

About this projectThis site will be created for educational purpose, as an example of how you can use open source technologies to develop useful ASP .Net web sites with a database backend. ContributingYou can contribute by: Visiting our project live webpage and reporting bugs Adding pages to our wiki Downloading the source and learning from it If you find a comfortable snafu and want to contribute with some code then send me a message and I'll add you to the project Have fun!

Kub-engine - 2.0 xml staging engine.

Kube is a lightweight engine that provides support for a fast creation webservice-like server handlers, simplifing data-access and xslt-processing in declarative style. Example: This example gets list from database and render it as html radio list with given name. 1. Engine access public class temp : IHttpHandler { public void ProcessRequest (HttpContext context) { string rest = context.Request.Params[""]; if (rest != null) { string rawurl = context.Request.RawUrl.Split(new char[] { '='