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My SharePoint

Aplicación de Windows 8 que se conecta a un sitio de SharePoint Server 2010 o 2013 para consultar los perfiles creados en MySite.

Pgmapper - Small and fast library for PostgreSQL

So let's say you have a Postgres database called "mysite" with these two tables: blogs blog_id

Custom MySites

A SharePoint soultion that allows the creation of custom MySites based on custom Site Definitions. Out of the box MOSS does not allow for anybody to change the MySites site definition. One way to customize MySites is to use feature stappling and run code during the MySite cre...

Jquery-dynamic-breadcrumbs - Dynamic Breadcrumbs for jQuery

A jQuery plugin that will dynamically add breadcrumbs based on the current Url. Using a RESTful approach to Url structure will take the most advantage. Usage: Url: "" $("#breadcrumbs").dynamicBreadcrumbs(); Result: "Home > Bookmarks > Dogs"

Hide-download-link-of-a-file - Simply mask your file's actual path from visitors browser.

This php script will hide the actual path from visitors. You could allow download files like instead of

Jquery-transmit - jQuery Multi-file Uploader with Flash

Welcome! Transmit (jquery-transmit) is a sophisticated jQuery plugin providing an elegant multi-file upload utility. At the core of the plugin is a small SWF file which provides single or multiple file selection and upload services. Getting started with the plugin couldn't be easier: $(document).ready(function() { $("#transmit").transmit(""); });Want to narrow the type of selected files to allow only images? Here's how to do it: $(document).ready(function() { var options



N-gen - An opensource website framework developed using PHP

WelcomeNGen is a relatively lightweight website framework developed using PHP. Note: NGen is still being developed, the trunk is not the focus right now. We're working on the 2.1 branch in the SVN (it may be unstable!). GoalOur goal is to create a powerful, flexible, lightweight website framework. FeaturesLightweight / Optimized Well-documented code Friendly URLs (IE: Database drivers use PDO (documentation) PDO is a fast and secure solution for PHP developers Dat

My-site-framework - Flexible PHP framework

Framework allows to build a web-application on PHP in the form of a set of standard modules. Does not impose restrictions on structure of the site and the order of access to databases. All these functions are realized by means of interchangeable modules.Modules are already written: managements of navigation under the web-application, object-oriented access to DB (ORM), managements of installation and removal of modules and others.

Twitster - A simple web application written in PHP that lets you roll your own Twitter community.

What Is Twitster?Put simply, Twitster is a PHP application that lets you display tweets from everyone you follow in Twitter on your own web site. What's more, you can filter those tweets by a hash tag (#example) and create your own Twitter group. You control who contributes—the people that you follow. Installation:1. Unpack the Twitster download into the folder you want to use. (e.g. 2. Bring up that location in your browser. Twitster will run a setup wizard the fi