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Quickly and easily search the major search engines with MySearcher. No clicking around, no switching windows; No matter how many windows you have open, or what you're doing, Searching the major search engines is as simple as moving your mouse to the side of the screen!



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Mashup-s3lokchand-mysearch - MySearch

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Mysearches - mySearches

Multi Search Gadget for iGoogle... is a tiny and fully customizable search module for the iGoogle startpage which supports more then 200 websites many languages/countries

Mysearch - my search engine项目是基于Luence 框架的一个多文件�索引擎

My search engine项目是基于Luence 框架的一个多文件æ�œç´¢å¼•æ“Žã€‚分别å�¯å¯¹txt,html,htm,jsp,php,asp,word,xls,PDF,redoffice 等文件进行检索查询。 在本地建立检索文件,并进行查询。还å�¯å¯¹.java文件进行检索查询。 本项目用工厂模å¼�进行分层设计,便于维护。对多ç§�文件检索进行å°�装,并对文件解æž�路径进行å°�装。 以å�Žè¿˜è¦�添加,索引文件的优化,分布å¼�索引,检索多线程,分è¯�解æž�,分页等å

Getnzb - Android NZB Search and HellaNZB/FTP client.

GetNZBGetNZB is a Android client for searching .nzb files on and uploading the files to a HellaNZB server with XMLRPC or an FTP server. It is a utility meant as a front-end for and remotely adding .nzb files to a newsgrabber, which then automatically starts downloading the wanted files from Usenet. Most newsgrabbers support monitoring a specific directory for new .nzb files. There are a lot of free Windows (and *nix) FTP servers available, so setting one u

My-pluxml - MyPluXml

Contributions au projet open source PluXml PluginsMyAkismet 1.1.2 : Filtre antispam automatique MyAllArchive 1.1.1 : Affiche la liste des archives suivant différents critères dans une page statique MyComSmilies 1.1 : Remplace les smilies dans les commentaires par des émoticônes MyComRememberMe 1.0: Se rappeler de moi sur ce site (rappelle son nom, site, email laissés dans le formulaire de commentaire) MyContact 1.5.1 : Formulaire de contact MyFindUser 1.0 : Recherche d'un utilisateur sur la


a test for lucence


a test search framework


a way to search

my_search - Playing with Sinatra, HAML and Twitter Search Gem

Playing with Sinatra, HAML and Twitter Search Gem

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