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myRequest is a request tracking front-end for managing requests of any type from submission to completion. myRequest includes workflow for the approval, assignment, and completion of a request. The system is designed to be adaptable for business and personal use.



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Protobuf-socket-rpc - Java and Python protobuf rpc implementation using tcp/ip sockets

DescriptionDownload/InstallationJavaPythonUsageJavaPythonReleasesBugs/Issues/EnhancementsHave questions or want to contribute to this project? DescriptionGoogle's protocol buffer library makes writing rpc services easy, but it does not contain a rpc implementation. The transport details are left up to the user to implement. This is a simple tcp/ip socket based rpc implementation in java and python for people who want a simple implementation of their protobuf rpc services. See:

Twitover - yet another c# library using the twitter REST API

What is this?TwitOver provides an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface to the Twitter APIs. Both the REST API as well as the Search API are seamlessly integrated. The library aims at desktop clients, but can easily be used for web clients as well. It makes use of the OAuth authorization scheme and does not require any knowledge of the Twitter APIs in any way (though it sure helps if you know what you can do with that API, so don't skip it). How do I use it?Well. Get and compile the TwitOver proj