My Passwords

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'My Passwords' is an open source web application which provides an exclusive way to save various passwords/PIN etc secret information safe and secure.



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Update-dnsomatic - Linux DNS-O-Matic Updater

Easy to configure utility that will update DNS-O-Matic when your IP address changes.Sample config file: user = my_user_id pass = my_password Suitable for Linux systems. See my blog entry for further information. InstallationAfter downloading, extract the file update-dnsomatic-0.2.0.tar.gz and then edit the file config with a minimum of your DNS-O-Matic user id and password. Run ./ and follow the simple prompts to install. tar xvzf update-dnsomatic-0.2,0.tar.gzcd update-dnsomatic-0.2.0/

Kpbe - Password Based Encryption (PBE) Tool

Overviewkpbe is a command line PBE tool for files based on bouncycastle encryption algorithms. It can be used to encrypt and password protect files using standard encryption algorithms like AES, RC4, RC2, Triple DES, Blowfish and Twofish. ExamplesEncrypt a file using 128 bit AES. This will use SHA1 as default digest algorithm to produce the key. kpbe -e -a AES -k 128 -p mypassword -o outdir MySecretFile.docEncrypt a file using 192 bit Triple DES with SHA-512 digest for key. kpbe -e -a DES -k 192

Oms-php - Outlook Mobile Service API lib for PHP

Project moved to GitHub Brings Outlook 2007 / Office 2010 Mobile Service SOAP API to PHP Sends SMS via OMS-compliant gateway. Usage: $myNumber = '79274445566';$myPassword = 'my-serviceguide-password';$recipientNumber = '79274445577';$text = 'Привед кро�афчег';$c = new OMS(new OMS_User($myNumber,$myPassword),'','');$m = new OMS_Message(new OMS_Bod

Etcfglaunch - Server browser for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Welcome!etcfg.Launch is a server browser created specifically for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. It is still a beta, but it already has some features, which aren't present in other server browsers: Integration with SLAC ( slac is used automatically for servers running etpro without punkbuster) Support for RInput Integration with HLSW Support for ET syntax when adding new server (for example etcfg launch is capable of understanding strings like /connect;password mypassword when

Youtube-upload - Upload videos to Youtube from the command-line

Upload videos to Youtube from the command-line. Refer to the Readme for more info. $ youtube-upload --password=mypassword --title="A.S. Mutter" --description="A.S. Mutter plays Beethoven" --category=Music --keywords="mutter, beethoven" you liked this application and you need any kind of software or website development for your business, check my freelance page.

Py-smbpasswd - Python SMB Password Hash Generator - suitable for use with Samba

This module can generate both LANMAN and NT password hashes, suitable for use with Samba. Sample usage: import smbpasswdpasswd = 'mypassword'print 'LANMAN hash is', smbpasswd.lmhash(passwd) print 'NT hash is', smbpasswd.nthash(passwd)print 'both hashes at once = %s:%s (lm:nt)' % smbpasswd.hash(passwd)Output is: LANMAN hash is 74AC99CA40DED420DC1A73E6CEA67EC5NT hash is A991AE45AA987A1A48C8BDC1209FF0E7both hashes at once = 74AC99CA40DED420DC1A73E6CEA67EC5:A991AE45AA987A1A48C8BDC1209FF0E7 (lm:nt)

Jira-bulk-clone - Command line utility for Jira bulk clone

OverviewThis is a simple utility to allow for bulk-clone of Jira items. It is designed to help with creation of the requirements matrix in Jira where you have identical user stories spanning across many components. How to runCreate named filter in Jira under the account under which you want to run the utility. Include all issues that you want cloned as part of the filter (typically includes all features from a given component). Download and unpack the utility into a directory of your choice Run:

Pysusestudio - Complete and easy to use Python wrapper to interact with Suse Studio web platform.

This is a Python library that works with the Suse Studio API. This libraries uses XML-RPC, that’s not necessarily good but I just thought it fit better in to Python since XML-RPC is part of the standard python library. The format that the API functions return is a nested dictionary, it might change later to something more palatable. Other features include a streamlined authentication process and an integrated upload method. Anyway, this whole library came to be because I am working on a Suse S

Simple-website-synchronizer - Keep the contents and Sitemap of your website synchronized with the lo

simple-website-synchronizer ensures that files of a website stored on your hard drive are automatically synchronized with the website's FTP server generates the website's Sitemap (see and notifies major search engines (Google and Yahoo) that the website has been updated runs on any J2SE 6.0 Java Virtual Machine Usage: ./sync-website /path/to/properties-based/configuration/file true List of properties to include in the configuration file: website-base-directory = /local/

Sharefile-api-php - The library provides simple and easy-to-use access to ShareFile REST API

ShareFile API PHP is a standalone PHP library which simplify access to ShareFile REST API. Features:All methods and operations support. No additional libraries and extensions are needed. Easy to use. Error handling support. ShareFile online file sharing serviceShareFile allows you to create a custom-branded, password-protected area where you can exchange business files with clients easily, securely, and professionally. Whether you deal with files that are simply too large to transfer by email, n