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mvc3 project to test some frameworks



Related Projects is a Python module that generates true random numbers is a Python module that generates true random numbers obtained from Use with the form: mylist=truerandom.getnum(min,max,amount) mylist will be a list containing the true random numbers. If for some reason the numbers cannot be generated, the list will contain -1.

WPF Shader Effects Library

A library of shader effects for Windows Presentation Foundation SP1.

Silverlight Desktop

A framework that allows you to dynamically load Silverlight modules into resizable draggable windows. Framework is easily extended by uploading modules you create or download from others.


NExtension is a user contributed library of Extension methods for .NET. If you would like to contribute an extension, please join our discussion forum.

LINQ Compiler

LINQ Compiler is able to convert a string into its corresponding LINQ expression tree. Create dynamic LINQ queries or store them in database. You can use any LINQ provider with it.

Jor - Java Object Recording Library

Java implementation of Object Recording Pattern which can be used by mocking or undo framework. Record on fakeRecorder<List<String>> recorder = new Recorder(List.class);List<String> list = recorder.instance();list.add("one");list.add("two");// return the List.add(Object) methodrecorder.getRecordings().get(0).getMethod();List<String> replayList = new ArrayList<String>();recorder.replayOn(replayList);// now replayList contains ["one", "two"]Record on real instanceList<String> myList = new ArrayLis


LINQ2SQL extensions provides an alternative model for for building data layer components using LINQ to SQL. This model enables the development of richer entity classes, reduces the number of entity classes instantiated and reduces the volume of data reads.


Transitionals is a framework for building and using WPF transitions which provide an easy way to switch between UI views in a rich and animated way. Think of transitions for applications in the same way you think of transitions for video editing. Wipe, Cut, Dissolve, Star, Bli...

OData Viewer Tool

I build this tool to help me build OData URL query and to see the result. ( for example$orderby=Date/ ) Please send feedback...

Silverlight TreeView

Silverlight 2 is great technology, but some of very handy User Controls are still missing. This project provides Tree View user control for Silverlight 2 *NOTE: current code was ported from WPF source code and corresponds to Silverlight 2 RC0