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Jsal - Javascript Asynchronous Loader

Implements a simple asynchronous loader and module pattern based on dynamic script tags (or load function for command line Javascript). This intended to be loaded before Javascript libraries that use the module pattern, allowing those libraries to interoperate. Latest version: 1.2 UsageIn you html file: <script type="text/javascript" src="jsal.comp.js"></script><script type="text/javascript"> // tell JSAL where to find modules that start mylib jsal.lib('mylib', '../mylib/src'); // load mylib and

Pymylib - Home library. Organize your media library

This project helps orginize your media library (CD, DVD or books) This project a python (pylons) project in Russian Медиа-библиотека. Программа - каталог, длÑ� упорÑ�дочиваниÑ�, управлениÑ� и поиÑ�ка медиа-библиотеки. Также разрабатывалаÑ�ÑŒ как проÑ�таÑ� Ñ�лектроннаÑ� библиотека. Имеет Ñ�ледующие оÑ�новные функции: 1) Отображение Ñ�пиÑ�Ð

Opensocialgenerator - Open Social Builder :)

OSG is a Open Social application generator. It's use some html code (and some special makup too) and some JS code and gereneate a complex, compressed and optimized application. It's opensource :) Changelog0.4Alpha Fix some bugs. 0.3AlphaJTidy => htmlparser IF BLOCK = <if test="value"></if> FOR BLOCK = <foreach var="variable" key="index" itens="array"></foreach> INCLUDE = <include template="header"></include> (i'm tired) 0.2AlphaChanging self::method() to this.method() in hrref / onclick Bug: tem

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