My HTML5 game practise using Cocos2d-html5

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For learning the game development on Browser using Cocos2d-HTML5



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My-html5-examples - Examples that will eventually evolve into sleep analysis

Sleeping is about 1/3 of our time. This is never analyzed properly. Its taken for granted. This project is to collect data from public on sleeping habits, issues, dreams etc.. and analyze for symptoms, issues, possibilities and solutions

Various-kohana-goodies - some stuff to enhance Kohana functionality

UDPATE 2011.03.14This started out as a place for me to put Kohana stuff that I'm developing from which I felt the Kohana community might benefit. But then Kohana moved on to 3.x, and due to the fact that my work standardized on 2.2.1, I'm stuck with the older version for now especially since I don't have time to RTFM on the new version, much less convert. This now is really almost a fork of Kohana 2.2.1 at this point, as I've made many many alterations specific to my work enviro. So now this is

MyHTML5 - MyHTML5 WordPress Theme

MyHTML5 WordPress Theme

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stackmob test