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Jclouds - multi-cloud library

Cool StuffGustavo switches cloud providers without restarting the JVM using jclouds and OSGI. To see this blown up, click here NewsDocs for jclouds is now at Source for jclouds is github Maven for jclouds releases are synced to maven central Check out our examples site 1.2 released including new support for CloudStack, HP Cloud Object Storage, Ninefold Compute and many new enhancements, particularly the new image-id property for overriding the default template. Please update to the l

Minube - Experimento de hostear archivos en Google Code

La idea de este experimento, es alojar archivos web (javascript, html, imágenes, flash, o lo que fuere) en el servicio de Google Code, a fin de liberar temporalmente a un sitio web de la sobrecarga ante una eventual saturación, debido a volúmenes de tráfico inesperados.

Pimcloud - personal input method cloud

In EnglishThis project focus on creating an input method back-end for different kind of input method front-end in different platforms. Currently, it supports GAE and local socket service (in localhost or LAN) as back-end, vimim and ibus as front-end. The Chinese pinyin and shuangpin have been worked out. Wubi is under development. We're looking forward to add more front-end and back-end engines. 中文这个项目的目标是创建个人ç§�有的è¿�行于局域网或本机的云输入法。它å�

MyCloud - ????????????????


mycloud - it is for my apps on cloud

it is for my apps on cloud