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myBoard is a port of Mac OS X dashboard for Windows. The nice thing about myBoard is that you create gadgets with Visual Studio using C#, VB.NET & WPF ! It is developed by Yann ALET (



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Myboard-php - my Board PHP

Make txt boards in PHP. Genera pizarras de texto en PHP.

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Latest News 6 Jun 2010 jsChessboard 0.2.0 has been released. Download here. 18 Mar 2009 jsChessboard 0.1.0 has been released. Download here. What is jsChessboard ?jsChessboard is a JavaScript library designed to programmatically display chessboard diagrams in web pages or web applications. jsChessboard knows chess notation therefore jsChessboard can interpret a sequence of chess moves in algebraic notation from a given position and draw the new position. Supported browsersMost browsers supportin

Diyism-myboard - myboard keyboard shortcut mapping

myboard is a set of keyboard shortcut mapping, to control mouse movement, arrow keys, and keyboard shortcuts with single keypress on alphabet area of keyboard, similar to vi editor, but on the system base. switch on/off with shift key. Look at the single key shortcut mapping:

Masterarm - Complete ARM Learning Project [ ]

An approch to make embedded systems future of INDIA to touch the peak of the new technologies. This Project will guide you to learn ARM Cortex, Embedded Linux, Android Aim: The main of the aim of this project is to increase the availability of embedded resources to all those who dreams for it at most low cost. Check all your required trainings on ARM, Embedded Linux, Android at Boards are now available for sales: EASYARM #9/1, 1st Floor,3

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myboard-jsclient - single page web app client for myboard server

single page web app client for myboard server

myBoard - Application iPhone/iPad pour un projet pour l'école ESGI

Application iPhone/iPad pour un projet pour l'école ESGI


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