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Related Projects

Gae-mvc-engine - A lightweight MVC Framework for AppEngine development

An efficient, productive and friendly framework for building Google App Engine applications. It follows Rails' convention-over-configuration philosophy wherever possible, and tries to import the best time-and-effort saving ideas from both Rails and ASP.NET MVC. February 23, 2012: I have converted the repository from Subversion to Mercurial. Since I began this project, I have discovered and fallen in-love with Mercurial, and there's no going back. Also, I am tagging the current code base as Pytho


An attempt to recreate the dependency management features of Maven in PHP, mostly because I hate trying to use Maven with PHP and because I want to integrate this directly into MVC-Engine at some point.


The Marigold Financial Application is an attempt to encapsulate some important budgeting concepts into an application that can run on the MVC-Engine platform. This is primarily a personal endeavour.


The MVC Engine is an attempt to recreate the functionality of Java's Spring MVC framework in PHP, complete with controller-annotations and hibernate-like support for multiple data-source by name instead of location.