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This is the version of mvccontrib which works with ASP.Net MVC 3



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Derans - Hosting Sample Code for

This site was built with the Core project from my wife's photography website. The reason I published this code was to provide an example of how to completely remove ALL C# code from your MVC project. The project was also built using the KISS principle and all the best practices I've learned thus far in MVC development. This project was built with the following 3rd party tools: » StructureMap » MvcContrib » MvcContrib.FluentHtml » AutoMapper » Castle.Components.Validator » FlickrNet » NUni

griffin.mvccontrib - A contribution project for ASP.NET MVC3

A contribution project for ASP.NET MVC3


A CMS and mini e-store built on MVC3 with NHibernate 3.0 for ORM, StructureMap for DI and uses MvcContrib for Unit testing functionality