MVC3 captcha | MVC captcha

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MVC captcha and MVC invisible captcha. Ajax captcha validation. Easy and simple to use.



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Framework for developing web-based applications (CMS, portals, ERPs etc.) It includes multilanguage support, permits management, MVC mini framework, package structure, template engine, javascript library, simple GUI library, caching system, captcha.

Captcha MVC

CaptchaMVC makes it easier for create captcha for you web-mvc project. It's developed in C#.


Captcha HtmlHelper for ASP.NET MVC 3 with simple ariphmetic expression. No WCF required, neither any other communications. Written in C#.

Micromvc-php - A tiny feature-rich PHP MVC framework

Project has moved: tiny MVC framework crammed into less than 160kb - including documentation! I built this to have a base to compare the speed of other frameworks like CodeIgniter, Zend, Solar, and CakePHP. It offers Model, Library, Controller, Function, and View management. Plus other features like URI Routing, hooks/plugins, file uploads, database abstraction, captcha creation, and more! If you are new the Model/View/Controller world of Object Oriented De

Jcontenedor - JEE Layered Service Container based on Spring with many services provided out of the b

JEE layered Service Container based on Spring 3.x with many services provided out of the box: Log (log4j, JDK, ..): HTTP-Service (jetty based) DB-Service (HSQLDB based) MVC-Service (Spring/GWT based) JMS-Service (ApacheMQ based). Web-Services (Apache cxf based). Security (SpringSecurity based). LDAP Service (Spring LDAP based). Declarative Business Rules: Rules4Spring (jRules based). Business Validations (annotation based: Oval). AOP (Spring AOP api based). BarCode. jCaptcha. Features- Service C

Flex-blog - Simple Flex blogging engine

Very simple Flex blogging engine, allowing to manage users, posts, comments and feeds. DescriptionAction Script 3 (?) PureMVC based AMF server side Should not be tightly coupled with server side Should be ready to work with Flash Lite (?) Core featuresUser management Posts management Commenting & anti-spam (CAPTCHA etc) Feeds Additional featuresSearch SEO friendly-URLs Browser history support UI templates Multi-language I am looking for the contributors to this project. If you have will and time


ASP.NET MVC compliant captcha generation library.

ReCaptcha Validator Plugin for Kooboo CMS for adding content or sending feedback

ReCaptcha Validator Plugin for Kooboo CMS for adding content or sending feedback e-mail

XCaptcha - CAPTCHA Images for ASP.NET MVC

An extendable and simple to use framework for creating CAPTCHA images.

ASP.NET MVC Press/Blog Sample Application

This project will provide you with an ASP.NET MVC Press(WordPress like)/Blog Sample application. Multi Tenant Blogging System Standard Features - A Wordpress like clone allowing for multiple blogs - Blog functionality including: Posts, Post, Comments with CAPTCHA, Tags, Cate...