Test MVC application

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Test project - please ignore!




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X3 CMS - Simple and Powerful PHP based Content Management System

X3 CMS is an user friendly CMS. It is W3C compliant, that is each page is xHTML and CSS 2 is used for layout. It is build over an MVC framework derived from Kohana. It is modular and its functionality could be extended via plugin. Its features include Users and Group management, Files management, Page caching, Search engine support, Multiple language support, WYSISYG editor, SEO friendly URL and lot more.

Mvc3-music-store - Asp.net Mvc 3 app

A simple Asp.Net Mvc 3 app using EF Code First. (Entity Framework 4) and exploding Mvc3 upgrades.


Use this if you want to quickly learn to implement JQGrid in an ASP.NET App

Lokad-debug - HTTP proxy to facilitate debugging of Web Services (REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, ....)

The purpose of Lokad.Debug is to facilitate the debugging of 3rd party apps interacting with web services. Lokad.Debug acts as a proxy and logger facilitating forensics and debugging. Lokad.Debug is a stateless ASP.NET MVC app designed for Windows Azure.

My-first-app-harbor - Asp.Net MVC 3 template that runs on App Harbor

This is the first app I got running on App Harbor's platform. It is virtually the same as the current Asp.NET MVC3 Web application template. Follow the instructions at App Harbor for getting started: http://support.appharbor.com/kb/getting-started/deploying-your-first-application Once your application is online you will need to follow the instructions below to initialize the database. Otherwise the Log On feature (MembershipServices) will not work. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms2

Slim3 - Full-stack MVC framework optimized for Google App Engine/Java

Slim3 is a full-stack MVC framework optimized for Google App Engine/Java. Our main concept is "Simple" and "Less Is More". "Less is more" means simplicity and clarity lead to good design. 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. We concentrate all our energies into 20% of the causes. Programmers can resolve the other issues without framework constraints. We want to get rid of complex and wasted features from your applications and our framework. As a result, we will slim down. Our main sit

Lime-mvc - MVC extension for Google Guice.

Lime MVCI’m a big fan of Spring’s dependency injection, but when I saw Google Guice for the first time, I said wow. It’s so lightweight and simple. There is no XML stress. I started thinking how I could use the Google Guice in my web projects. I guess that everybody agrees with the opinion that the MVC in Spring is very helpful for that kind of projects. Because most of my projects are web based applications, I want my favourite MVC pattern in Google Guice. Unfortunately, the MVC is missin

Hails - A Minimal Rails-inspired MVC web-framework for HaXe / PHP

The idea is to create a simple "quick-to-go" MVC web-framework for the HaXe language, which is then compiled into PHP-files (and later perhaps Neko too). It is inspired by Rails in the MVC-file-structure, by ActiveRecord in the database-structure, and by "Convention over Configuration". So, what's the point in this ? 1) Ruby on Rails is cool, but there are few hosting-alternatives, and those that exist are probably very expensive. Unless you're able to host the web-app yourself of course. 2) PHP

Puremvc-js-fsm - Port to JS of the finite state machine utility from pure MVC / AS3

Important! This work is in progress. Please come back for updates daily, or if you want to contribute, please contact me at - lemil77 at gmail dot com. I will be posting soon some note about the implementation and samples on my blog at - www.lemil.com.ar/blog About: PureMVC is one of the best frameworks around to implement in RIAS/Desktop development (IMHO). I been using this since a couple of years in AS3/Flex, allways with the best results. Laterlly they made a huge improve to the framework by