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Mute4 is a simple application that allows you to set a mute/vibration profile and it will switch back to your normal profile automatically after a specified amount of time.



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422group3 - traverse a company's phone tree

This software product works to combine XML representations of phone trees and computer telephony software to make a call to a specific agent within a company, by going through that company’s phone tree. First, the user will select a company from a list of available companies for which we have phone tree representations. Next, the user will select from available agents (company representatives, or human “leaves� on the phone tree). At this point, the call will be made, during which time “

Mytubeapp - YouTube video from an Application

This project is a C# application which does the following 1. Searching youtube video. 2. Playing in the the embedded webbrowser 3. Has a Taskbar Icon support 4. Handles media buttons for a. Play/Pause b. Stop c. Next track (video from search result) d. previous track (video from search result) e. Mute f. Volume Control g. seek 10 second forward or back even to unbuffered area. 5. Allows to set the proxy to be used. ( doesn't have suppport for credential based internet connection)

Pypactl - Pulseaudio cli advanced control tool in python

Utility for advanced control pulseaudio server via command line interface, written in python. pactl tool, that go with pulseaudio server, don't have some functions, that I need, so I created the similar interface in python to advanced control pulseaudio sever via command line. For example, when I changing the volume in 5.1 channel sync to 0% or 100%, pulseaudio breaks all per-channel volume configuration. It is my first development version. At now it can only do the mute, set volume, increase/de

Veromix-plasmoid - A Pulseaudio volume control written in python

Veromix is a mixer for the Pulseaudio sound server. Features:Media player controls (aka nowplaying) per application voluem control (replay & record) global hotkeys can life in system tray switch sound card profiles (for ex. from regular to HDMI) control LADSPA effects (equalizer and other effects) Quickstart:middle click on panel icon mutes the default output mouse wheel over panel icon increases/decreases volume drag and drop playback streams between different output devices if expanded: kill p

Mllib - Fast, open-source, and simple development library for Wii

The MLlib (or Minishlink's Library) is a simple library to develop on Nintendo Wii. Technically, it's a wrapper of libogc and others librairies. Coding with this lib on Wii is way easier now ! :-) More info here. TemplateHere's the simple code to have the program running on Wii : #include <MLlib.h>int main(int argc, char **argv) {\tML_Init();\tML_SplashScreen(); // You can delete this instruction, but please let it if you can :)\t\t\twhile(1)\t{\t\tif(Wiimote[0].Newpress.Home) ML_Exit();\t\t\t\t

Fofix - Frets on Fire fork with plenty of features, customizable themes and options

(Frets on Fire X) Downloads of the latest stable version (3.121) are in the sidebar and on the Downloads tab.Downloads of the latest unstable version (4.0.0 alpha 1) are on the Downloads tab.Visit our IRC channel: #fofix on OFTC (web interface)NewsNovember 27, 2010Version 4.0.0 alpha 1 released The first alpha of what will eventually become FoFiX 4.0.0 has been released. There is a lot of work still remaining to be done, but this alpha will let you preview and check out what has been done so far

Antville - Weblog hosting software written in JavaScript

Welcome to the Antville ProjectAntville is a high performance, full featured weblog hosting software based on Helma Object Publisher, an open source web application server entirely written in Java. Antville itself is written in JavaScript and scales very well up to several thousands of weblogs. It is very easy to use while offering a lot of advanced features that make it even capable of hosting other types of websites. Activity Log27 June 2011 Release packages of version 1.3 of Antville and AntC

Pytaur - Python game development framework based on pyglet

pytaur: a game development framework based on pygletpytaur itself aims to be game agnostic, but design makes it lean slightly toward the development of 2D puzzle adventure games (the point-and-click style), or any kind of application that depends heavily on the concept of managed scenes with many layered objects. It was not designed in favor of classic shooters with rapidly scrolling tiles. Dependenciespython 2.6 pyglet 1.1.4 pytaur relies on pyglet's windowing system, platform utilities and gra

Mayura-cse-l3-2009-070039n - Radio toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

"mayura" online Radio Toolbar please read installing instructions given bellow Description mayura is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox web browser. this radio contain sinhala, tamil and english Sri Lankan radio channels. Add-on consist of a toolbar which has a play button, stop button, mute button, volume controller, radio channel selector and a Display. Installing Instructions: 1. Download wmpfirefoxplugin.exe 2. install it. 3. Download mayura.xpi file. 4. Drag and Drop mayura.xpi file on to the fi

Boxee-web-remote - A remote control for the Boxee Media Center

A project to create a web interface for the Boxee media center using the HTTP API. Demo here (note: this installation does not actually control my boxee). Change LogVersion 0.4:Added Loud and Soft volume functions Added keyboard shortcuts (I,J,K,L, space, B for back, P for pause, 0-+ for volume, <> for RW/FF) Version 0.3:Changed to 'dark' theme Added Rewind (-%5), Pause, Fast Forward (+5%) buttons Added Mute button Added tabs at top of UI for future functionality Version 0.2:Migrated code to JQu