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Projeto da disciplina de Técnicas de Programação Aplicada II da Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie - SP.



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Cutefootball - A soccer game for mobile phones

Cutefootball is a football (soccer) game. It is designed to work on Nokia mobile phones. It is produced using the Qt framework and should also work on other operating systems supported by Qt. The game should work with following Nokia mobile devices: C5-00, C5-01, E5-00, E52, E55, E71x, E72, E73, E75, N78, N79, N85, N86 8MP, N96, N96-3, X5-00, X5-01, 5320 XpressMusic, 5630 XpressMusic, 5730 XpressMusic, 6210 Navigator, 6220 classic, 6650 fold, 6700 slide, 6710 Navigator, 6720 classic, 6730 classi

Open-lionheart - Open source adaptation of table game Lionheart

Lionheart is a table strategy game where two kings confront their armies in battle. This project aims to make a trustworthy adaptation for PC. Actual status: 0.09 Lionheart TODO Milestone: 0.1 No runtime errores Refactor code to MVC model Better code comments Milestone: Beta Game fully playable Panic Victory message Options: Basic or advanced army. Milestone: Release Better and fanciest HUD Music and sounds Battle report at the end Future plans: Network capabilities

Webamp2 - This is the re-write of MPD WebAMP. This project is in early development.

WebAMP2DescriptionWebAMP2 is a web based framework for controlling music playback on a remote PC. This project is still in early development and currently supports the Music Player Daemon (MPD) backend and a Mozilla XUL based client. The client is implemented as a Firefox extension. DependenciesThe only dependencies are python 2.5 on the server, an MPD server to connect to, and Firefox >= 1.5 on the clients. The current release requires that the server be installed on the same PC as MPD, but thi

Ps3theatre - A new way to view and organize media on the PS3

AboutWeb server, website, and media scraper to sort, display, and stream your media through the PS3 internet browser. Currently will have sections for Movies, TV Shows, and Music. News02/09/2012With the latest PS3 update (4.01) the javascript hooks I used are gone. This means PS3Theatre is not functional without major changes. I have decided to end development on this project at this time. 07/03/2011The screen shots have been updated to show the V0.3 changes. 06/29/2011Version 0.3 has been relea

Monoplayer - Fully featured media / music player (Mono - C# - Gstreamer#)

NewsThis proyect has been replaced with FlexMediaPlayer in Flex and Adobe AIR (14 - May - 2008) MonoplayerMonoplayer its a media player based in Gstreamer# and Gtk#, its takes ideas from a lot of existing Music Players and Add new ones, the basis is a modular arquitecture for easy deployment of new plugins and modules. Current Version:Downloads: 0.01 Beta (Released - Source and Bin) [04/Nov/07] Source (svn): Rev. 6 [13/Nov/07] RequirementsGstreamer 0.10 (mad plugins) Gtk# Mono 2.0 SQLite 3 TagLi

Remotekontrol - A script to control Amarok by common keyboard keys

DescriptionThis project allows you to control Amarok (in the future more programs will be added/supported) by common keyboard keys. This is useful when you have a remote control, like those for presentations. Usually those remote controls just emulate a pre-set key(s) and there is no way to change it. So instead of changing the remote control, I created a program that will wait for that key and execute an specific command. Right now the script works with the "GigaWare UltraSlim wireless presenta

DixShtix Java Music Library

Java Music Theory and Practice, with Open Source libraries and applications. Goals: MIDI/RMF support, NIFF Support, Notation Display (Dec '01), Score Editor (Feb '02), XML (various) support, Export as AU/WAV/AIFF, Instrument Creation, SMDL Support.

Friking-shark - Flying Shark video game remake

Friking Shark Beta available!The game is finally complete, and a beta version can be downloaded. Only the windows installer is available right now, but we are working to have the Linux package as soon as possible. If you want to play the game in Linux you can download the source code and compile it yourself, if you have any compilation issue, please contact us. Although Saul Cross is not listed in the contributor list, he has arranged all the original music for this remake. We want to thank him

Jerome - Python script for Songbird library consolidation

update 08/04/2009 ok so two days turned into 3 weeks. i think all i had to change was the property id value for album artist property for the compilation and soundtrack support to work. update 13/03/2009 i will take a look at how jerome works with songbird 1.1.1 within the next two days or so. my current (january 2009) version of songbird (Songbird 1.0.0, Build 860) does not have the option to organise an existing music library into files and folders based on the artist and album information. je