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Munimji is personal accounts and cash flow management software



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Cashflowservices - Cashflow services

Cashflow services intergrate cashflow manage

Relat - Cashflow, SaaS

Cashflow, SaaS demo (administration: Demo, password: demo)

Django-cashflow - Cash-flow management application

Django based cash-flow management application Requires: Django framework ( python-money ( This project is sponsored by A115 Ltd.

Bigbudget - Personal Budgeting software supporting OFX files

OverviewStarting a project where you can import OFX files to track spending and project cashflow. TechnologiesThe following are technologies that will be used in this project C# NHibernate SQLite WPF - installed via clickOnce


CashBook stable release Ver 01.00.00 release 3 Sep 2012. Collect basic information on cashflow in and out of your organisation for your bookkeeper.

Quickcash - Cash flow and budgeting application written in Java.

Most consumer applications have way too many features. Most people never use even 25% of the functions available in Excel, for example. Financial applications are even worse. Products like Quicken are far too complicated for the average user. I, like many people, have instead been using a spreadsheet to track expenses. Spreadsheets are inefficient for this use, and have to be coerced -- the application logic programmed into each individual cell. Updates, like adding a budget category, are a pain